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People have been trying to guess at when the Playstation 4 and/or Xbox 720 will debut next year, while report after report has surfaced suggested one thing or another, but it now seems as though Activision has revealed one of those systems will be debuting this coming year to challenge the Wii U.

The reports concerning delays in the Xbox 720's processing chip surfaced back in September, which suggested there was no way the next Xbox would be coming out anytime during 2013.

Meanwhile, the Playstation 4 recently received reports of new dev kits being sent out to developers, with the final one coming sometime this next year.

With that being the case, logic implies the system would not be ready by the end of 2013, since dev kits are still heading out.

However, despite both of these instances and according to a report from GamerSyndrome today, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has confirmed that one of the aforementioned next-generation consoles will be hitting retailers next year to challenge the Wii U.

"We can’t really talk too much about next generation console plans, but I think it’s safe to say you have a Wii U coming out and there will be another new console coming and we expect that they’ll be very successful," Kotick said.

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Colour me interested.

 Would be pretty bad for ps4 and Sony if they are late to the party again.

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sony needs to be the first one out this time.

007BondAgent said:
sony needs to be the first one out this time.

I don't think they're going make it

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Both have problems and may be delayed, then how come one of them come out next year? Another hurried console from Microsoft?

I don't trust the reports of the issue with chips, we hear the same thing or at least something similar almost every console launch, with the wii U it was that there was an issue with the control and that it would't come out till 2013. There may be problems or delays but its not even 2013 yet so I don't see that would result in a 2014 launch for microsoft.

My bets remain
Xbox 8 fall 2013- launch titles: Destiny, Watchdogs, Ryse, 2 Rare games; 1. action/adventure 2. Kinect title, Unreal Tournament 4 and then the usual COD, FIfa, Madden.

PS Orbis march-september 2014. I'm personally hoping they release in september
Launch titles: Final Fantasy versus XIII, Starwars 1313... sony tends to go for all new IPs each gen so the rest I won't even guess at.

Hibern81 said:
007BondAgent said:
sony needs to be the first one out this time.

I don't think they're going make it

Whats the problem coming last? Very few people buy consoles in the early days. Provided when sony launch they launch with a strong line up and a competive price I think it'll be fine. The ps3's issue's didm't arise from it being late to the party, they arrived from its $600 selling price and the fact it didn't have its 1st killer exclusive title till 2008, whereas the xbox360 had gears late 06 and halo late 07. Sony just need to make sure they launch with the killer title next time.

And I strongly expect that who ever launches next year will have a lineup consisting mainly of current gen ports for the 1st 9 months. I've had a look at the big 1st part teams for both company's and Rare and Guerilla are the only company's in a posistion to realistically deliver a mega title within the launch windows.

007BondAgent said:
sony needs to be the first one out this time.

Unless they can reveal, market, manufacture, and ship consoles to stores within the next 8 days -- and don't forget the launch line-up -- I don't think it's gonna happen.

Honestly, I think Sony could benefit from being the last console out. The PS3 launched too early if anything, and they shouldn't repeat that mistake.

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So, according to Activision, we shouldn´t expect both the next Xbox and PS4 to launch next year, only one of them...which one?