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I've just downloaded the QuickMeme app and it's awesome! It's very easy to do aswell; takes about 10 seconds. Anyway, post VGCHARTZ RELATED memes! (There's a QuickMeme website too which is just as easy to use)

Anyway, here's one I just made. This is how I imagine Gilgamesh and Spurge feel sometimes...

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spurge ever since the election:

This one is for NFL VGC!!

 Not working. So F it.


Bah, why can't I embed?

Vgchartz isn't popular enough to have memes.

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Otacon said:
Vgchartz isn't popular enough to have memes.

Fake cryer! There's no snot.

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Some get caught up in the MicroSoft lie net,
But real gamers will not forget the day,
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Not right making a VGChartz meme thread and not mentioning these lol

When we didn't have the ability to change thread titles


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