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So apparantly with All Stars coming out soon, there is a reduced price for the Jak & Daxter collection. Add in the fact that I am a huge Uncharted fan and feel a certain love towards Naughty Dog for what they have given me with Uncharted => I am beginning to wonder if I should play the Jak games. Now I really haven't played a single one and my main thought of it is like.. more open.. cartoon, ..I really dont know! Basically its safe to say I havent spoiled anything xD. But how well do the games stack up today? Like are they fun?

The reason I ask mostly now is because of the All Stars intro. Having Jak and Ratchet fight really sparked my interest. Maybe its because it was just so cool, or maybe its because Drake came in shortly after and pretty much helped Jak XD. I DONT KNOW!

So should I play it? Do you think its a good game / series? Worth the ..15-20€ (I believe it is something like that).

Let Aldro know! <3

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Go for it!

I think the first game is an all-time great. The second one wasn't as great, but I applaud the developers for mixing up the formula. And I think the third one got a little closer to greatness.

Daxter on PSP is really good too :)

I played this game 10 years ago and it was fairly good, the grafix were fantastic also

Jak 3 seemed pretty much like a little less violent GTA with cartoony characters. I only played it for an hour though

Playing the first one now. It's decent.

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the second and third games are great the first...aight.

Get them, I brought the collection and the graphics look great and its really fun more fun than sly a little less fun than ratchet.

Naughty Dog is respected for a reason. That is because everything they have made ends up being a great game. Yes Jak and Daxter is good.

I LOVED the first game, it was amazing... the second game came and was just... too different, the entire tone of the game and gameplay and, well, EVERYTHING, changed, not to mention it was one of the hardest games EVER, I raged so much! .. Luckily Jak 3 was a little better though, but NOTHING compared to the first.

I'd say go for it.

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I recently got the collection and its decent/fun. The writing is kinda funny and witty, and the gameplay consists of hack'n'slash, platforming and exploring, and collecting a ton of items. I'm enjoying it overall and it is a change of pace from what I usually play so that is a plus as well.

The negatives for me are that it can seem a bit dull and repetitive, since it is somewhat antiquated and simplistic.