Forums - Sales Discussion - How much of a boost will 360 get from Halo 4 in its first week of sales?

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In the NA - 250,000 units sold

Japan - 3,000

Europe - 125,000


Time to get excited about sales.  Time for 360 to shine once again.  

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125k-150k on top of whatever it would usually sell. Soo... around 400k-450k total seems reasonable...

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No bloody idea.

100k would be nice. How many limited consoles were produced?

Is really difficult to say because the time of the year will already create some boost compared to last week..

I would go with 30K boost for the time of the year + 75k for Halo 4.

So a little + 105k boost... but because I low bailed my last estimates I raise it to 150k boost.


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But but everyone that plays halo already has a 360 ;)

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