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Weekly Hardware Chart 03rd November 2012


Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
88,725 105,972 87,466 301,578
93,237 143,844 22,433 298,399
151,083 85,575 1,269 258,456
42,625 22,549 3,728 75,210
20,728 30,563 5,319 59,326
31,232 12,137 512 47,547
1,982 6,028 13,588


360 sells 151k in why aren't we seeing Forza 4 show up in the charts? Its there, but thats where its been the whole year without bundles. Kinect Adventures isn't in the top 15 either so it can't be the kinect bundles. The game is retail, not downloadable, so it would be nice if this oversight is corrected and the bundle sales are reflected accordingly. 

I am super cerial.


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Is the bundle already available?

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