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So yeah this is IGNs  WiiU unboxing video.

It's "straightforward"

What I really like is that the WiiU comes wrapped in foil so I dont need to worry about  protecting it from fingerprints and scratches  for a while ;) - (vent holes SD slot etc. are not blocked by it!)

But what to do to protect the Gamepad?  I think I will cut off my fingertips!

p.s. Im glad the games come with real manuals not that folding crap alot of 3ds games come with.

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Looks really nice. I'm surprised the console is so small, lots of optimization there!

I'm really glad Nintendo added a HDMI cable with the system, since I don't have one I don't need to buy one, sweet!

The game cases are meh imo, don't like the color blue that much.

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Not watching, I'm saving it for when I have one myself.

Wash your hands, or you could use gloves like Iwata ^_^

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    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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Is that the video where he says first Wii U game review is coming Nov. 13th? Ninja Gaiden 3, and then Mario U and NintendoLand on the 15th

need some gloves... :)

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very supriset about Game Pad Pro!! very compact console

day One
Ninja Gaiden 3
Black Ops 2
Assassin's creed 3

maybe and Mario U