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Should Australia become a republic?

Yes 35 49.30%
No 20 28.17%
I'm not sure 9 12.68%
Wait untill Elizabeth II passes away 7 9.86%

I wanted to get the opinions of Australians and people in other countries on this matter, and considering that the U.S.A just had their elections (Yes really, no I'm not kidding, look it up!) I decided to make this thread to get YOUR opinion on the matter.

As most of you will know Australia is currently being governed by the British Monarch despite being a fully functionally independent nation, however people like me wish to change this system and turn Australia into a republic so we can finally elect a Australian citizen as head of state.


The debate about turning Australia has been going on for decades, yet after all this time, nothing has changed, even though there are many good reasons why Australia should become a republic, let's look at a few core ones:

  • Electing a Australian citizen as the true head of state:

Whilst it is true that Australia is a functionally independent nation, and the Governor General acts as a de facto head of state, under our Constitution the British monarch is the font of all legal power in Australia and our formal head of state.

In this current system no Australian will ever become the true head-of-state and we will never be able to call ourselves a true independant nation.

  • The system of monarchy is inequitable and unfair:

 The british Monarch is not elected by merit, hard work or talent but rather a lottery of birth, with Catholics being specifically ineligible, this is discriminatory and unfair, and shouldn't be allowed under the anti-discrimination provisions of Australian law, and  hereditary monarchy is out of step with commonly accepted Australian values, yet is still the method of selection for the Australian head of state.


Now let's look at the main ones amongst numerous arguments against a republic which are almost always based on faulty information, or are designed to reinforce people’s existing misconceptions.

  • Cost:

Astronomical figures are occasionaly thrown around for how much it would cost to become a republic, while the simple truth is that the cost to change to a republic would be negliable.

There would be no requirement to instantly rebrand all Government stationery, buildings and equipment — this would happen gradually, over time.

Governments are constantly changing signs, logos and branding — and new coins and notes are also produced every day, by simply changing the dies at the Mint, the truth is that almost the entire cost of a Republic would come from holding the public vote, which is simply part of the cost of running a democracy and is a blessing that is worth every cent.

  • Failed republics:

You sometimes also hear people say that Republics are all failed states, Zimbabwe is often mentioned.

This is pure fiction as there are a many very successful republics,such as the: USA, Germany, Brazil, Austria, France, Ireland, India, Italy, Switzerland and many, others.

In fact, the majority of the world’s nations are Republics. Indeed, being in a monarchy is no guarantee of stability — the ongoing civil war in Northern Ireland is a sad testament to that.

  • Defence:

Some say that becoming a Republic means we will no longer have Britain to defend us, whis is silly.

Not only does Australia have it's own very able and sizable military force, since WW2, the USA has been our dominant strategic defence ally — not Britain, but Britain will still be an important friend and ally after we become a Republic.


Further non-sense such as the rubbish argument that Australia would be expelled from the Commonwealth by becoming a Republic, and not be able to compete in the Commonwealth Games. In fact, 32 of the 53 nations competing at the last Games in Delhi were Republics — including the host nation, India. Australia will compete in the Commonwealth Games for as long as it wants — whether as a Republic or otherwise.

As for our flag, nothing prevents us from keeping it.

To sum it up, Australians are clever and capable enough to turn the page on our colonial past. and we are strong enough to stand on our own two feet as a fully and truly independent nation. A strong and united people whose head of state is selected in a fair and democratic way, not because of their bloodline.

It's time to set aside the non-sense about delaying it until the Queen passes away, or the financial crisis is over and the world is full of roses, because as we all know, that tomorrow never really comes, and after all, we do have the Monarch herself on our side.

I'm all for Australia becoming a republic, but what do YOU think about it?

*Note: To avoid any mistakes: I have nothing against Britain being a Monarch and respect your way of life.

- Proclus.

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Yeah I think we can trust you to look after yourself by now.

Seriously though, what actual power does she have? None. So what difference will it make?

My answer is yes though, go for it. Elections are fun!?!?!?

I'm not really here!

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Monarchy is a relic of the feudal age. Every country, especially Australia and Canada, should break free from that

kowenicki said:
Yeah I think we can trust you to look after yourself by now.

Why, thank you.

Seriously though, what actual power does she have? None. So what difference will it make?

See post.

My answer is yes though, go for it. Elections are fun!?!?!?

I wouldn't say they're fun per-se, but necesarry in this case.

Actually, she  still holds "powers", including being able to disallow any law we pass within a year – which, fortunately by convention she declines to exercise.

The Queen also still appoints and dismisses her Australian representative, the Governor General — though she does this on the advice of the Australian prime minister, also by convention.

I think they should keep the monarch but it's really up to them though, we Brits don't make them keep the queen. They actually had a referendum on this in 1999 and 55% said no, they wanted to keep the queen still.

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So the Queen can over ride the Prime Minister? I thought that the British Monarch doesn't really do much anymore. When was the last time they told Australia to do anything? I'm just a little confused on how that all works.

edit - read a little more of your posts and now understand it a little better

as a canadian...i see the republic business(which seems far more prominent in your country of austria, than my own) as just pointless chatter.

the GG position is just ceremonial anyways. it doesnt matter if there is technically power and authority in the head of state position. you think the queen or any future monarch could actually enforce their will upon your country if it was undesired? be realistic. its just semantics.

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Getting a strong sense of deja vu here.

melbye said:
Monarchy is a relic of the feudal age. Every country, especially Australia and Canada, should break free from that


Get the damn Union Jack off our flag already.

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We like what you've done with the place. Not quite up to USA or Canadian standards yet but there is still time.

It would be a shame to kick you out now after all the hard work you've done. Where would you move to?

The British Queen is not Queen of Australia. The Queen of Australia is. But what does it matter when most of the world refer to her as the Queen of England, a title that hasn't existed for 400 years.
Constitutionally, the Queen of Australia can declare war on the Queen of Canada, be arrested by the Queen of New Zealand and tried and imprisoned by the Queen of Papa New Guinea.

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