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So, Ive been at Halo on and off for the last 24 hours. Probably racking up around 13 - 14 hours. 

Straight up this is the best Halo has ever been.

I started my playhtrough of the campaign on Legendary, of which I'm up to chapter 5. About half way. So far probably taking me around 7 hours. This game is harder than previous Halo's. Partly due to the new enemy Forerunners. Different from the flood in that they have high technology to fight you with, meaning when you have a 3 way battle ( Covenant, Forerunners and the UNSC ) Tactics play a much higher role. Making Halo feel very fresh, whilst maintaining that Halo gameplay feel.

The production value of Halo 4 is without a doubt the hieigt of the generation so far. From the incredible sound, right through to the motion capturing on the characters. Only 2nd to LA Noire in facial animation and expression. The voice acting is of the same high quality and the best cutscenes ( CGI and game engine ) out there. The actual gameplay holds the same amazement. With huge sprawling landscapes and quite simply the best lighting your gonna see. Its not just the lightsources themselves, but the amazement at how many different viral colours the lighting portrays is stunning. Detail is astonishingly high also, with such awesome Big ticket moments of awe. Each progressive mission your presented with something grander and more epic than what wowed you already. It just ups the anti the wole way through. 

The arsenal this time around is also brilliant. The Promethian weapons are such a pleasure to use. From the load animations to the sense of power, every gun in the game in fact has undergone a beefy update. All guns sound meatier, they feel heavier and thanks to the incredible sound in this game they really come alive.

So far I havent touced multiplayer, however I have had a look at Spartan OPs. Wich is a fantastic addition. Im not sure whether Im happy about Firefight missing, but Spartan Ops definately has a fun factor that is equal to it. And Season 1 is free.

All in all, Halo 4 is for any halo fan quite likely the best of the generation. For non halo fans, will it win any more lovers? I think yes. Halo 4 feels more modern, more Hollywood Epic. Those that love that Uncharted hollywood feel, or that grand storytelling of Alan Wake, will enjoy the brilliance of Halo 4's storytelling. 343i have definately made a stamp with Halo here. Without a doubt in my mind the best Halo game to date.

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I'll probably pick it up when it's $20.

I agree. best halo yet

TOTALY! been playing it nonstop, and its def the best game on the 360 for me :D

Great game. Kills are much quicker on here too so i dont know how to feel about that, but probably the best fps Ive ever played

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It's amazing. The word of mouth about this game is gonna be huge.

I would have bought this game if I could play it online for free. = I'll probably rent it sometime so I can play through the story at least. I'm rather bummed because I've been hearing great things about it.

Just got it. Want to play it but I'm afraid that if I don't watch the election results, my guy is going to lose! I'll try to get at least one Achievement before midnight, though.

Anyway, even though there have been more Halo games and they have sold more, I always felt like Gears of War was THE franchise on Xbox 360. From the reviews I've watched (I got weak, okay!) it seems that Master Chief is going to run the show once again. In a way, it just feels right.

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Best Halo for me ever!. and Best FPS ever imo too.

I love the Campaign. I love War Games. I love Spartan Ops.

Eff the critics. Eff the anti-Halo fanboys. This game is effing amazing.