Wii U Nintendo Direct for November 7th (Tomorrow)

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It begins...

Edit: transalation from Iwata's twitter:

"Iwata, this direct, including the Miiverse, are about 35 minutes disclose specifically what are main features bundled with Wii U. No new release game information, please download and check. #"

Miiverse Direct Confirmed

Bundle software

35 minutes long

Finally some Miiverse information, but are they going to talk about online in general or only Miiverse? 

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Where's the train?

Iwata knows what we like! Nintendo Directs make me so happy.

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Despite not expecting a single new game announcement, I'm rly excited for this one.


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They need a few more ND's prior to launch.

I was really hoping they'd have done them a little sooner. So close to launch will have less impact on potential buyers who make console launch purchase decisions much further in advance.

That said, I'm damn excited to see this one.

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