Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I heard you want new 3DS XL colors in the US??? Reggie listened!!!

Now you can buy a pink 3DS XL

What? Not the color you wanted?

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Reggie knows what the ladies want!

That's actually one of the sexiest pink hues I've seen. I need to get my girlfriend to wear that color.

Now send those bad ass Chinese 3DS XL designs over to USA. Why should a country that mainly counterfeits get those designs first?

Anyone knows the original video that pic of reggie was captured from?

I know its old as hell, but I'm finding it particularly funny today lol

Since it's white inside, I guess it's cool

Really a nice color for girls.

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One in the pink...
One in the...

Have a nice day...

Well, Nintendo did start a woman/girl campaign recently for the 3DS. It only makes sense considering females outnumber males. Plus, we need more female gamers so we aren't always having a sausage fest.  Most females enjoy Mario Kart...

But but but.... I want a pikachu one :(

Vinniegambini said:
But but but.... I want a pikachu one :(

I would not buy it, but the white in pink is really stylish!

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