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Can the PS3 overtake the XBox 360 by January 1, 2013?

Yes it can only just. 75 13.97%
It will do it easily. 52 9.68%
No it will not happen. 311 57.91%
Maybe, maybe not. 98 18.25%

So the gap has narrowed significantly between the PS3 and XBox 360 in 2012. PS3 has sold over 1.7 million more console systems than the XBox 360 in a relatively slow sales year. Can the PS3 sell over 1.7 million more systems than the XBox 360 in the remaining sales weeks of the year?

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 by roughly 170,000 units per month in the first 10 months of 2012. Can the PS3 outsell the Xbox 360 on average by 170,000 units per week over the last 10 sales week to erase the remaining 1.7 million sales gap?

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With Halo 4 and CODBLOPS2 and the history of Xbox 360 always selling so well during the holiday season I don't think the PS3 will overtake it. Next year will be all about the Wii U and and the Nextbox/PS4 so I doubt the PS3 will ever overtake the Xbox 360. It's possible, but I'm not expecting it.

I see no reason why PS3 would outsell X360 during the holiday season. Last year there was a similar yearly gap but it was erased during the holidays. I think this year the Xbox won't outsell PS3 by that much, but still no way the PS3 will actually outsell the X360 by 1.7m.

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the possibility for that to happen is very low, the christmas quarter traditionally is strong for the 360 as the US market is influenced by it the most, so I doubt the PS3 can outsell it by 1.7m in the last 2 month of the year

additionally there are indicators that the PS3 numbers on this site are a bit too high and the 360 numbers a bit too low right now

Naaa, Halo, COD and Kinect will do their magic.

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the xbox usually see's a high rise in sales in the christmas period, mostly due to the USA favoring the Xbox. so its more than likely that the xbox will sell more than the PS3 once Halo 4 releases and then CoD. but we will have to see how the WiiU effects both xbox and PS3 sales, if the WiiU manages to make a dent of the sales of the xbox in the usa then we might see PS3 outsell the 360 worldwide, well at least that's what i think about the subject. but i dont think the PS3 will outsell the 360 by january 2013 but more like in the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014

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Not Likely yet not impossible.

Being a Sony gamer I would have to say I hope so. But realistically I would have to say no.

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Not a chance. In addition to the 360's strong US holiday presence, Kinect, etc, Halo 4 will move far more consoles this holiday than All Stars and LBPK could ever hope to. Microsoft will have widened the gap come 1/1/13.