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If you could/can fellate yourself, would you?

Yes, and I would swallow. 35 28.93%
Yes, but I would spit. 5 4.13%
Yes. 19 15.70%
Maybe. I'm curious. 10 8.26%
I don't know. Kind of l... 8 6.61%
No! 15 12.40%
No. That's what women are for. 28 23.14%

After reading Spurgeonryan's thread, I wondered at this stage of the game, who would really care about reversing their circumcision.  I could only come up with one answer, which spawned my thread.  So if you could fellate yourself, would you? 

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What does fellate even mean?

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My answer is no, and I don't see this thread going very far unless you make it a bit more than just a simple yes or no situation.



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Is fellate the verb form of fellatio? It so, then yes.

Yes, I would'nt use my hand to fap a other man's penis, yet I don't mind doing it to myself so imo fellate myself is the same thing. It's mine, I know where its been and I know it's clean. But I wouldn't cum in my mouth tho.


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Well I meant if it could be your initial decision would you say yes or no.

As for this when I was younger and my enis was growing faster than my body I was able to do it but I was scared the strange pasty juice would shoot in my mouth so I stopped.


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Why would you go throught the impractical effort of doing it to yourself, when you could easily do it to another guy instead?

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Why do you assume that I can't?