Who will win this holiday in North America?

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Who will win this holiday in North America?

Wii U 38 39.58%
Xbox 360 58 60.42%

What's the window?

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Vinniegambini said:
360 will win hands down. The software line-up is really good. However, although not a home console, the 3DS should give a run for its money.

3DS beat 360 last year and that was before 360 had a YOY decline in the double digits.

If you're including the 3DS.... then there is no way anything else will beat that. You have to realize the 360 is down by over 20% YOY and the 3DS is up by over 40% YOY. Last xmas 360 sold ~7m and 3DS ~7.3m. This year 360 should be around 4 to 4.5m and 3DS should be 8m up to 10m.

3DS>>PS3~360>WiiU>>DS~Wii~PSV>PSP for this holiday... easy.


EDIT: aaaahhh. Just realized this is NA only. I was referring WW. :(

360 easy, BF and christmas weeks> Wii U shipment.

360 easily. Also Microsoft will advertise the hell out of Smartglass giving the impression that it could do similar things as the Wii U


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Wii U.


Just like what everyone else said, there simply wont be enough Wii U consoles shipped

I think the Wii U will be the big seller unless its hit by supply constraints, in that case I think Xbox will win it.

Nintendo want to sell 5.5 million WiiUs by March 13, so 3-4m in 2012 I´d say, from which half of the stock could go to NA. This would be 1.5-2m WiiUs by end of 2012. MS will probably sell around 1m 360s in Black Friday week, so I am going with the 360.

Last Nov-Dec, 360 sold over 4 mil consoles in NA alone. All the Nintendo fanboys need to sit this one out. Wii U has no chance of beating that.

The 22 people who voted Wii U in the poll should be hanging their heads in shame right now.