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Not sure. It was probably one of my older sister's games. Thankfully she had very goodtaste. (OOT,SM64) The first game I ever bought was Pokemon Red. I loved it so much.

So why did they call it the 360?because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away- some guy on Gamespot
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Entroper said:
weezy said:
Atari if I remember right.

Pac man

Ditto.  I think "tanks" was called Combat, unless there was another game also called Tanks.

Asteroids, Missile Command, Space Invaders, and the above three... my uncle had all of those.  I don't know which I played first, but it was probably Pac-Man.

haha thanks for the correction. It was combat.

Enduro was awesome wasnt it?



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madskillz said:

me too!

Hunt the Wumpus on TI-99-4A

Super Mario World

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I had an Atari 2600. Don't remember the exact games I had but I remember some game about a caterpillar. For the life of me I can't pinpoint a title though. The original Prince of Persia is probably the first game I remember playing vividly.


*reads some other posts*

NFL Blitz and Pokemon??  God I feel old. 

Duck Hunt, I cheated and fired up close.

I have no idea what the name of the game was. I was three or four at the time (I'm 23 now, and have a very long memory, I can remember having my diapers changed), and my dad who was a programmer back in the 80s had a home PC. the game I played was just some ASCII characters, and you could move around and press a button that attacked the other characters. My brother and sister told me what to do, but I always died in just a few seconds, I could never successfully kill anything.

The second game I played could have been a number of things. Jungle hunt on my Atari, the original Kings Quest (which I sucked at since I couldn't read or write at the time) on PC, maybe Food Fight on Atari. But those are the next earliest ones I remember, not sure what order though.

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totalwar23 said:
Duck Hunt, I cheated and fired up close.

 haha didn't we all?