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Best Of All


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^that what be good but best of all would be zelda wii

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Halo DS

Duke Of Darkness said:
Of course Civillization V how could I miss that one?

@makingmusic476 The Legend Of Zelda Twillight Princess was a let down, it is a good game, but it is a bad Zelda game.

 I disagree.  It was my favorite after OoT and MM, though admittedly I have yet to play ALttP.

Would love:

Skies of arcadia sequel. Probably Wii :( would prefer them to put it on a hd console.
New Zelda PLEASE!!! I bought twilight princess for the cube when it came out. it was brill but it still feels like all the stories are the same. they need to take a few risks with it. Make it even better!
Dawn of War 2
New Castlevania for Playstation


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Oh wait, I can't post 1 words anymore?

How do I bump, then?

bumb bumb?

anyway a new elder scrolls

Assassins Creed 2
Heavenly Sword 2
Jak and Daxter 4
Star Wars Battlefront III
Kingdom Hearts III

all for PS3

and San Andreas Stories PSP

FF6 remake - PSP or PS2. Wii would be ok, as long as I can use a classic controller and not have to waggle.

KH3 - PS3. A Wii title on the side would be ok as well.

GOW3 - PS3

Another Mistwalker game - Xbox 360

SO4 - PS3 / 360

Tales of Vesperia (Platform to be PS3 / 360)

A proper Wii Zelda game that's not a GC port

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Half-Life 2 Ep3 and half-Life 3 being released at the exact same time. =D

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