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for the rest, just look at my friends list. 152 legends imo.

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From my perspective I am always the most important in anything I am involved in. :)

D21Lewis- Always great for a laugh.
DMeisterJ- was he the one banned for failing to post on Gaf that he likes VGChartz?
Pichupichu- Always remember him being highest in the post counts or something, either way I have never forgotten him.
Leo-j-He was such a crazy sony fanboy back int he day. Made for some great reads.

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VicViper said:

I like a lot of posters here, including everyone who posts on Media Create, COMG (Boutros needs a medal for this thread) or any other thread made for japanese games, news or sales. Conference threads are also fantastic.

I feel like we butt heads in every one of those threads. It's like jarrod or StarScream 2.0.

@ Ken

Zucas still checks this site regularly. When I talk to him or hang out with him, VGC almost always comes up in conversation.

from what I've encountered in the little enough time I've been here,
spurgeonryan/HappyD - for helping out with pretty much every idiotic thing you can do wrong while trying to get settled into this site
Man Bear Pig - for generating some borderline war breaking out topics which have always spun out of control but in good ways for the most part.
Pezus - As much as I don't agree with a lot of your views on gaming you can take an argument apart with expert skill and I've not seen you lose your cool about it when people get a bit bitchy with you for doing so.
Mr Khan - For down right stopping a number of threads coming to blows, it aint nice to be the person that jumps in the middle of a cat fight and yeah seen him doing it more than his fair share since my appearance on here.
Smeags - For having a knuckles avatar and general coolness!

Ummm I think that's all the names that come to mind for good reasons posting on here :D sorry if I forgot you, it's 6am here and I'm pretty much asleep

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BenVTrigger said:
Its funny Ive been a member of this site since 2008, made some gigantic threads, and have never "left" the site but am rarely brought up in these kinds of threads.

Probably mostly has to do with the fact that I dont post a rediculous amount, cause any drama, or get crazy fun bans or anything. Shit maybe its time for me to stop talking about numbers and just go crazy

Bro five

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Aww I love you my mafia peeps.

Man, I need to post more on the site though. It's like nobody knows me outside mafia haha
Or maybe we just need more people to play mafia, dohoho

also, because I consider cgi as one of the most likely voted icons of vgc, I'm sensing this thread is self-serving.
Pride, cgi? For shame.
You may be a vgc icon....but you'll never be a "vgc role model"™ (Original Content, do not steal)

Most iconic. It really depends on the year.

When I was lurker, no doubt it was Soriku and leo-j as posters. The Source as a writer and Naz as a moderator. I could also list a lot of my favorite users from the time that caused me to join. Like DmeisterJ, outlawauron, makingmusic. I saw these people as the defenders of playstation (that weren't crazy).

But today, I think you have to give Iconic to a poster thats been here since the start and has always remained popular. So I would give it to Rolstoppable.

In my 2008 thread. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=14115&page=-1#1
He commanded a number of votes for all categories, including a tie for funniest member.


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outlawauron said:


lol, I came on here to nominate gballzack since I knew she'd be forgotten. Anyone who was here in 07-08 would know who she was and how much she liked furries. I still remember some of her pics. And how leo-j thought I was her.