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Since the beginning of this Summer the user formely known as Nintendopie has been more or less awol from this site. Everyone thought and predicted ( incorrectly) that he would double his efforts come Summer time. But the complete opposite happened. He started to act funny, saying things like, "I am going on vacation," or " My Apple Macintosh broke after I spilled my warm milk on it." Were these really the reasons for his sudden disappearance from the Chartz? Or is there something more sinister afoot? Will he really be more active like his Status update says or is it all just lies that he and his secret accomplice have made up to gain the upper hand on all of us? Pull the wool over our eyes, as they say. Below I have done a list ( which is my most favorite thing to do it seems) that could possibly be partially the reason for his demise.

Gahahahhymen! I mean disappearance.

  • His Mom caught him on this site and took his computer away after she reminded him that he was not allowed to talk to strangers.
  • I was right and he is actually a 44 year old Homeless midget who frequents internet cafes and his stolen credit card is running out of credits.
  • He got in a fight with someone here and is now an avid poster on with MarcusDJackson and Dtewi.
  • He got a girlfriend that is either a kpop or jpop fan.
  • He was arrested for being a Drug mule between Cuba and Florida's Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • He ran away from home to get a job as a Pikmin in the Black forrest of Germany. It was actually a ploy by famous Vgchart German Criss Cross.
  • He is an employee of ioi's to get the site busy again and his contract is over.



From things I have heard on the Grapevine ( by the way I had mammary intercource this morning after work) two or three of these options could very well be true.


He has been missing for 4 days, will it make it to five?

Another possibility, The one told him there was no God and he was changed forever..... I hope not Ninplup, I hope not.

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You spend way too much time stalking the members of this site ;)

i think you are right with one of the reasons

I think the drug mule is the most accurate. Yeah that's probably what happened 

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What? No poll options?

Anyway the recent return of nintendopie and wesslewoggle becoming a transvestite is to strange just to be a coincidence..


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" My Apple Macintosh broke after I spilled my warm milk on it."


No wonder he hasnt been on! I guess that is what happens when you watch too much Peach/Zelda/Samus/Super Mario porn.

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"by the way I had mammary intercource this morning after work" - the hell

Last year when I was in the Black Forest I saw some kind of Pikmin training camp. There were also photos on a blackboard that remind me of Ninpies profile pictures.

There were also the words"TORTE" and "NINTENTORTE" all over the place. Strange strange....

He's hired by ioi to stimulate this site and recently started posting on IGN as NintendoPie, which led to ioi suing him for breach of contract. Obviously....

Don't worry, I have the power to bring him back. Or rather, kpop does.