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I bought my copy new from gamestop for 9 dollars along with cursed mountain for the same price. I would not mind it, but they have to offer a little more.

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they should make vanquish 2 for wii u instead, madworld got boring too quickly for me.

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I would like a new one... but It'd be nice if they could make it longer than 3 hours. I was honestly mega disappointed with how short Madworld was.

Kenology said:

I'd take a Madworld sequel.  I would want them to flesh out the environments and change the level progression system.  I'm cool with ranking up points and all but I think there should be the more traditional 'make your way through the level to the boss, fight him and move on.'  Reaching a point total before beng able to progress I wasn't a big fan of.

MegaDrive08 said:
I even bought the soundtrack lol

Me too.

It wasn't a bad idea, but the way to implement it encouraged finding something that got you a lot of points and then spamming away.

If, perhaps, a diminishing returns mechanism of some sort was added in, that could fix the problem by encouraging originality.

All i want is more of the Black Baron, whatever racial... issues he may have had

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F0X said:

Madworld deserves a second chance, but maybe a spiritual successor would be better. Platinum Games could make a whole new game based on Madworld's basic concept, but not be expected to retain all of Madworld's elements.

Alternatively, Madworld HD.

You mean Anarchy Reigns?

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Cougarman said:
they should make vanquish 2 for wii u instead, madworld got boring too quickly for me.

yeah that's what I've been saying after the Bayonetta 2 announcement

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I really wanted to like Madworld, but couldn't. It was odd in the way that it was way too short, but it had such a lack of variety to it"s game play that I was sick of doing the same things over and over by the time that it ended. I liked the look of the game and some of the ideas, but it wasn't executed properly.

So with that... No, I don't want a sequel.

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i agree with the whole spamming big moves thing. And i could have been sooooo much more creative with deaths if given the chance. Everything else was stellar. it was an 11 hour game for me which is still too short for 50$. Loved the characters, LOVED the announcers, liked the gameplay alot. I even thought the story was awesome (although i found many online who disagree). I would love a higher budget sequel. If i knew it would happen, i'd demand it.

I would love to see an enhanced sequel, of course.
I would like it to borrow a few things from Batman games though.