How much more powerful do you think the Wii U is compared to PS3/Xbox360.

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.."How much more powerful do you think the Wii U is compared to PS3/Xbox360".. forum topics are we gonna see before the wiiU launch " ...

50 - 100x more?...


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Based on what we know now... about equal.

I think Nintendo's goal was make it cheap and make it easy to port PS360 games to it.

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Hasn't this been done already? Its more powerful than this current gen. Hell it runs games at 60fps in HD which XBox360 & PS3 can't.

These are the PS3 and Xbox 360


Below is the Wii U


Basically a 360 and PS3 duct-taped together.

From what we've "seen" I think the difference is more in the lines of PSP(PS3/360) to PS2(Wii U). I mean take a look at Peace Walker and then take a look at Snake Eater. From what's on paper, I can't give you a true answer since I haven't really been keeping up with graphic cards and plus we can only guess at what Nintendo put in the Wii U. The only difference is that the CPU isn't quite as powerful (Probably banking on using the GPU to assist the CPU and no one is taking advantage of it).

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About equal because the gpu is better and there's a bit more ram but the cpu is the same as the wii.

1.3558327327492438759827845897923485479897834298767982739847985989645345 times EXACTLY.
I calculated it.

I'd say with the expanded RAM and superior GPGPU, but with a lower-clocked CPU of disputed quality... 2.5 times as capable. Maybe 2 if the GamePad is more draining than I think it is.

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2x. It can render the HD picture for the TV at 720p (most common resolution), and it can also render a different image at 480p for the gamepad. Also it has twice the RAM that can be used for the games (at least for now) and the GPU seems to be more powerful even do the CPU seems to be on par with the current one of the PS3 and 360.