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Interesting article... While reading it, I felt like it really wasn't fair to compare the two until I saw where they compared the original Wii vs. iPhone, and that the two were extremely comparable up through 2009.

Has Nintendo really fallen out of the mainstream light? Have consumers moved on? Or is Apple just growing immensely as everyone flocks to their latest news and devices?


But just how important is this attention? Take a look at these two Google Insight queries I ran:

1) with iPhone -

2) without iPhone -


As you can see, the iPhone is huge and has been growing immensely. But for the sake of staying to what can be considered more comparable, let's look only at the second link, the one with just the consoles.


Wii dominates the chart consistently with recent tapering off, 360 has stayed very consistent and is almost even with the declining Wii, PS3 is extremely low consistently throughout the years, and the Wii U is also very low (not released yet).

Since it's likely that the search term for the playstation 3 wasn't correctly representing traffic, I used "PS3" instead:


There you can see it's extremely high levels, tracking very closely to the Wii throughout the years (minus the large Wii spikes). In September 2006, the Wii and PS3 were at 13 and 11, respectively. Wii U's partial month is only at 5 right now, but that's likely to climb a bit in the half-month we have left. We'll see what happens as launch comes near.


Looking at all of this.. is the Wii U looking healthy right now using these metrics? Are these fair metrics to be using as GamesIndustry has?

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WiiU has double the ram. I don't know who has the better cpu.

Turkish said:
WiiU has double the ram. I don't know who has the better cpu.

He is not talking about the hardware..

Cub said:
Turkish said:
WiiU has double the ram. I don't know who has the better cpu.

He is not talking about the hardware..

Oh shi :/

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Apple slaps around Microsoft like a 7th grader bullying a nerdy 4th grader on the playground.

They've crushed Sony like a snail (remember when something called a Walkman was relevant? Kids today probably don't, which is frightening)

Why do people expect Nintendo, of all companies, to stand up against Apple? What in the world is Nintendo supposed to do?

Apple, quite honestly is just on another level from any other consumer electronic brand on the planet. Google is the only one that's been able to stop them from having a full monopoly on music players, music/media distribution, cell phones, and tablets combined. That's a pretty sobering thought.

Nintendo is going to sell out of every Wii U they can make this holiday and get things back on track as a company for them. And quite honestly that's good enough. Pre-sales are sold out at most every retailer. What else do you expect them to do? Make a Nintendo cell phone? Microsoft can't even get up to 4% in the cell phone market despite spending a mint on Nokia. 

It would be hilarious if Nintendo TVii ended up being the holy grail of set top box integration though, after all these other companies talking a big game about it, having Nintendo quietly swoop in and upstage all of them would be worth a chuckle.

The Wii initially started out at a similar rate to the iPhone simply because iPhone searches were an order of magnitude smaller back then ...

The second search should probably also be:

Another interesting comparison is: is getting hell for that article from a lot of industry people. And rightfully so.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

Yeah, iPhone is basically the single most valuable product on the planet that isn't a commodity. There isn't much that can compete with that.

"The worst part about these reviews is they are [subjective]--and their scores often depend on how drunk you got the media at a Street Fighter event."  — Mona Hamilton, Capcom Senior VP of Marketing
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