Will Gamestop get more Wii U Deluxe sets for preorder?

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I got mine from best buy they had plenty of preorders. Try sears as well they have them.

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Reserved a premium black 32gb wii u today at best buy.  Called GameStop and they only had the 8gb white version, so I went across the street to best buy and they still had the black consoles.  Not as many people are aware best buy is doing preorders for the wii u.  Call your local best buy.

JTurner82 said:
I seriously don't believe that GameStop WON'T be taking anymore preorders for WiiU. This was probably just for now. Which reminds me, I wonder how Japanese WiiU preorders are coming along?

Maybe ...

After many stores screwed up with the XBox 360 launch most large retailers have changed their pre-ordering strategies, and this usually means that they don't allow people to pre-order until they know (roughly) what they will get as a shipment and they only allow a portion of the units to be pre-ordered. While the local GameStop employee/manager may not be able to tell you how many systems they're expecting on November 18th, it is likely that Gamestop's management could tell you that they're expecting 40,000 units which works out to roughly 50 units per store which is why they allowed 20 pre-orders per store. (all numbers completely made up). If this is the case I would be doubtful that there will be more pre-orders.

I'm sure Nintendo will bump up the number before release - there are still two months left....


Probably not for launch but once the second batch of Wii Us is ready to be shipped I'm sure most retailers will be taking pre-orders for them again rather than dealing with the chaos of having hundreds of people line up and ready for a brawl just for a dozen or so consoles at every store.

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Almost had the same problem myself. If they do get more WiiU deluxe sets for pre-order most likely those who pre-ordered a normal WiiU will have first pick so get you're pre-order in anyway.

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