Is it just me $60 for a Wii U game is not too expensive.

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Is $60 (USD) too much for a Wii U game?

$60 no big deal. 90 30.51%
I'll pay $60 but wish it was still $50. 105 35.59%
I will wait for the games to go on sale. 47 15.93%
I refuse to buy a Wii U, ... 28 9.49%
If Nintendo corrects this... 11 3.73%
Resultz. 14 4.75%

I have been seeing people complain online about Nintendo setting their first party games for the Wii U at $59.99 as too expensive.

With comments such as:

"I think all, if not most Wii U games, should be priced at $50. It's kind of old technology now."

"Nintendo is going the wrong way. 60$ for a game is too much when all the other consoles are using alleged unique hardware for their game software which will decrease their price."

These people obviously haven't been gaming that long. In the N64 days MSRP was $80 - $90 for many Nintendo games in the US. Square also charged $70 - $80 for their games in the SNES era. $60 is still very cheap for a game, I don't understand what the commotion is about. If $60 is too much, wait for it to go on sale or preorder the game from a store that gives you credit.


What do you guys think?

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Isn't that the price of the HD twins games right now? I think it is fine, but I will have a hard time getting used to it. Right now a ton of Wii games are 29.99....

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If PS360 titles are that price then WiiU titles should be equal to or greater than that.

Nothing wrong with 60 as long as the games worth it, something like CoD is fine at 60, but if NSMBU is $60, then that's a issue, cause anything over $40 for a side scroller is to much, and that was my problem with the wii NSMB, $64.99 everywhere is complete non-sense, i only have it cause it came with the wii when i rebought a wii for the red thinking mario allstar was in the box :p

I wouldn't mind pikmin or something at 60 if its lengthy enough. (Only my bro played pikmin so i dont know much)

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$60 is too much no matter the console. I don't even know how you can classify one game for $60 as "very cheap".

Yeah, games in the past cost more. Who cares? These are different times.

I don't think there is any commotion, a handful of people will always complain about something.

It's just you... Video games are not worth 60 dollars to me anymore. 30 bucks tops...

The fact that you buy a game for 60 bucks, and then a month later the most you can get for it is 30 (if the game is good) means that the game was overpriced to begin with. I can't think of anything else found in the electronics section that loses 50% of its value in 1 month.

Video games should move to monthly subscription model if you ask me. Sega had the right idea with Sega Channel back in 1995.

thanks to Steam I forgot that "HD Console games" are actually 60 dollars.

No, thats how much PS360 games have been costing. Dont see why Ninty would not charge that.