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Will the PS3 surpass the Xbox 360 in HW this holiday?

Yes 112 36.25%
No 197 63.75%

not with the current gap at what 2M?

360 gots halo and BO2 push dont know what PS3 has, RE6 but thats multi and 360 will probably be the preferred platform for that

i believe ps3 was available for 200 for a few weeks for both 10 and 11 during the holidays and wasnt able to to have WW week victorys against the 360 those yrs

next yr better chance with tlou gow and tlg? but i have a feeling it wont do it before MS announces there next console

in conclusion as of know i believe. . . MS had issues with HW failure but was able to resolve the issue with extended warranty and a better console revision. sony will never be able to get out of 3rd b/c they havent resolved there issues. getting multi plats to run as good/exclusive content, losing 3rd party exclusives, matching online services, restoring ps2 B/C or adding/matching features or improvements to the console, and being recognized as a gaming machine as they once were or as the 360 was this gen


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when they launch the PS3 slim, they'll quickly overtake the XBOX 360's install base WW..

that's if they really have a $199 or lower model..


smroadkill15 said:

 *reads* "I don't really know of any major titles coming out for either system during the holiday." *looks at my Avatar*

okay? You act as if HALO 4 is the only big game coming out..

news flash.. COD took over the FPS crown.. its the definitive fps game of this console generation whether anyone hates it or not..

and not only that but.. although HALO 4 IS A BIG TITLE.. sony has some big ip coming out for ps3 too.. and.. they may release a budget ps3 with all these PS collections they are announcing with HUGE ps franchises.. like god of war/Killzone/Uncharted/and more..



Gonna say no. MS plenty of stuff to push away Sony for a at least a while longer. Halo 4 will probably end up being the biggest exclusive this holiday if Wii U sells much better than expected, it'll have a little extra ammo in the form of Forza Horizon and the free to play Happy Wars, kinect is usually a decent seller this time of year and will have Fable Journey behind that, but the real deal with be MS' $99 console, that'll be the biggest attraction this holiday. Let's not forget the boost the 360 gets from a brand new Call of Duty game as well.

You dont know of any major titles.........um HALO 4?!?!

But this is actually 360s 4th year without a price cut. It has to happen now. That, plus Halo 4, means 360 will hold this year as well.

And people say this stuff doesnt matter, but they are blind. All fans associate themselves with the Gold, silver and bronze that their console/corporation holds. Nobody wants bronze......so the threads will continue until it happens.


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Maybe. I'm leaning towards yes because I'm feeling optimistic in favor of the PS3.

I believe that it will be pretty close this year.. probably less than 500k in gap. Goes either way.


I'm going to say yes. While nobody on this site cares about wonderbook. Harry potter fans, and moms everywhere might care enough to give the PS3 the boost it needs to overtake xbox this holiday season... Unless Sony messes up the marketing like it usually does.

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Maybe. But who really cares?
A 6 year old system passing a 7 year old system in sales is a hollow victory.

Only with a new SKU and a heavy price drop. It will overtake it eventually but it'll be construed to be a lose-lose situation either way for Sony. Microsoft will sugar-coat it and say the 360 has more than tripled the the original Xbox and has changed the industry, and Sony will lament the money and market share they lost on the PS3.