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ItsaMii said:
Cybernator - Snes
Twin Caliber - PS2
Alisia Dragon - Mega Drive
Silicon valley - N64
Goemon 2 - N64
Yuke Yuke Trouble Makers (or Mischief Makers) - N64
Dragon View - Snes
Berseck - PS2
and many others

i thought this game was popular

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makingmusic476 said:
Way of the Samurai - PS2
The Magic Kingdom - NES
Overlord - NES


I have that Magic Kingdom game. It is pretty fun except for that darn Space Mountain level. It's so frustrating. I also like Mickey's Magical Quest. There was one game that I loved when I was little it was called "Rocky Rodent" and it was on SNES. Here's a video:


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It's not unknown but I've had a recent desire to play Strider again.

With Capcom fulfilling my Bionic Commando desires, I think I'm going to have to find a way to play this game.

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Castle of the Winds.
Very oldschool dungeon crawl, I love the genre and in my opinion this is the pinnacle of it.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar on PS1 XD

Also, Gauntlet Legends on N64 and Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena on GC

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Jackal, Section Z, and Rad Racer all on the NES.

Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild. dunno why, but that game was addicting! and I'm not really even into that sort of stuff...

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nerevar said:
i loved mickeys magical quest when i played. well im sure most people know of it and probably hate it, but i loved Doshin the giant.

i fking love that game

Mole Mania for Gameboy. It's in ingeniously well designed puzzle game with a completely unique feeling.

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