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What are your favourite games that went unnoticed by the general public? Games that very few people knew they existed, but are true gaming gems?

For me it would have to be Kickle Cubicle on NES and Kablooey on SNES.

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Little Samson!!!!!

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Plok on SNES =)

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Back in the day, I used to play Klax constantly on my Genesis.

Oh, and +1 for Kickle Cubicle. I loved that game. 

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Muppett's Party Cruise for gamecube... man me and wife have spent HOURs on this game one upping each other... it's just a stupid board game with some really good (and some really frurstrating) mini games.

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It's not exactly "unknown" as it has a pretty dedicated fanbase, won awards and got great reviews, but Darwinia is probably the best non-mainstream game I have ever played. It's multiplayer follow-up should be coming soon as well.

The Exile/Avernum series' are pretty awesome too. Again, they are not exactly unknown.

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NBA Street Series. I know not a lot of people own it, but not sure if a lot of people actually know about it?



And I am sure some will see this and say   OMG that game I forgot it it was awesome...