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You seem to be very strange.


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RolStoppable said:
The proper course of action would be to tie the cheating man to a cross (X-shape) with his legs spread and allow the woman to kick him in the nuts as often and as hard as she wishes.

I like this. lol


Reputation proceeds me, they told you I'm crazy, I swear I don't love the drama it loves me <3


From what I've seen, the women who get cheated on tend to be very shallow and choose men because they have the qualities to be successful cheaters ...

Ps3 said:
Andrespetmonkey said:
No they shouldn't. That's just barbaric and shouldn't even be up for debate in a civilized society.

I agree, but do you think men should face some sort of punishment for being pigs?

Sure, if we also could punish women for being bitches.

Well, if you're going down this route you might as well debate punishments for cheating women as well. It works both ways doesn't it?

Theres no point starting dumb threads...

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Only if women can receive the same treatment. True equality, right?


No offense, but that's kind of a stupid quesiton. Yes, anyone who cheats is an asshole, but you break up with them and move on. No laws need be in place to punish them. Their punishment is self-inflicted.

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In Mizoram, they castrate men for rape crimes.. just sayin

Well, if you want to go by the bible, let's see what it actually says: "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife--with the wife of his neighbor--both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death."

Sure, why not.

Also, not sure if troll, or ...

No, but I do think rapists/sex offenders and also the mentally handicapped should be.

And what of women that cheat? They are pretty easy to find, go onto a dating website and look up women seeking 'intimate encounter'.
Heres an example-
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Hi, I'm in a relationship but I've always wondered what a man on the sly could do for me. I'm looking to just meet a nice man for a one off good time, maybe twice.
Is this regarded as ok?