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GhaudePhaede010 said:
WTH? The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Primordial, SILVERSUN PICKUPS! Muse are a joke... And I love Muse but come on... Hell, White Stripes. Muse? Ugh. Step it up.

 Silversun Pickups were great but I wouldn't say they are the most original band...I do agree that The Mars Volta are great but I'm kinda bitter because I still miss the hell out of At The Drive-In. Coheed & Cambria sound a little too much like Rush vocally but I guess that they are a bit more original than most other bands. The White Stripes broke up years ago. I guess you could say Jack White though...I would agree because he has a lot of great projects and keeps music pretty refreshing. So I will go along with you and agree with Jack White....

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All the bands I listed I believe to be extremely original. I cannot stand Coheed, but their originality is something I do not deny.

Who sounds like David from Silversun? Probably no singer around today. Hell, I have a hard time comparing that band to anyone at all (some people say they are a modern day Smashing Pumpkins but that is only used to explain their relationship to their musical peers; not because the two bands sound similar).

Jack White was really my focus as he sounds extremely original and produces original sounding works. I was afraid saying Jack White may lose some people as more people seem to know the band than his solo work despite the bands breakup.

Mars Volta have no rival today. They are original even to their prior works as of today. They are the definition of originality in my opinion. And I would absolutely Kill for At the Drive-In to reunite. They were original to me with everything they did (I like them far more than Mars Volta, too).

And Primordial have been melding styles of music I am obscure to (for example, Irish folk music) with metal that generally requires the, "death growl" approach yet with the singer uses almost exclusive clean vocals.

These bands murder a Katy Perry. And I am a huge Katy Perry fan.

I could have used Tech N9ne for rap because he is the most original rapper out there... but again, I think that would be going over people's heads in this topic. I was not expecting Katy Perry or Muse to have that kind of following. Good music? Absolutely. Original? Not exactly.

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immortal technic he sings about life and thats very original nowadays.


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I hadn't heard anything like Two Door Cinema Club until I heard them.

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Justin Bieber is the first that comes to mind. Believe showed how much he has grown, and that he is able to break away from the mold. A unique sound and a beautiful message.

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d21lewis said:
I'm going to have to go with Katy Perry, also. She's the voice of a generation.


Muse are the ones that came to mind as they do like to experiment a lot. Not a big fan of there last album (still had some fantastic songs though) and I'm undecided on this new one, but I never get bored of listening to Origin of Symmetry. They really do try to mix a range of styles in their music though.

Otherwise, maybe Enter Shikari? They also mix multiple styles to come up with their own sound.

Linkin Park have always been pioneers and their new stuff is always changing. But I like your pick with Mumford and Sons too. Also Dropkick Murphys.

Muse was the first to come to mind. I remember reading that they were all open-minded on the music which is why they like to experiment. They created some cool &somewhat unique stuff like Exogenesis, Knights of Cydonia and many of the songs from Origin of Symmetry.

mysticwolf said:
I hadn't heard anything like Two Door Cinema Club until I heard them.

I was originally going to say Two Door Cinema Club but they kind of remind me a bit of an slightly more agressive Postal Service.

If we go this route though, I would have to throw Vampire Weekend into the mix as well though.