How many BluRays do you own?

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How many blurays do you have?

<20 137 59.31%
20-30 16 6.93%
30-40 14 6.06%
40-50 8 3.46%
+50 club 17 7.36%
+100 club 14 6.06%
+200 club 17 7.36%
+500 club 8 3.46%

I have Six (6). As long as you count 'Blue Planet' as one (its like 5 disk.) I got my first player in April of 2010. I have about 50 DVDs.

I, now, prefer to get media on the cloud, but sometimes the discount on a blu-ray is just too tempting. If I got a 3D TV I would get a few 3D ones.

PS Oh, and to make things confusing one, of my Blu-rays is "Halo Ledgens. " (oh the irony.)


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347 at last count.

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0. I have a blu-ray player but use it mainly to stream downloaded movies from my nas drive.

I have 11. I"m trying to build the ultimate blue-ray collection. I have around 50 DVD's though.

Oh, so if you own more than 50 you are in a club. Oooook.

I own 2, Watchmen, and I can't remember the other one, but I know there is another one.
Probably a hundred DVDs, a bunch of VHS and even some Betamax movies :) (I must admit it's been years since I watched a VHS or Betamax film)

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I have ps3 games do they count as blu-rays? I have no Blu-rays but 40 PS3 games. I've stuck to DVD's to be honest, i have loads of them

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