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If you’ve been following our coverage here on OnlySP, you know we are very excited about Undead Labs upcoming zombie survival game Class3, which now official has the title of State of Decay.  We’ve seen a good deal of concept art up to this point, but now we’ve finally got our hands on the first official screenshot (above).

State of Decay is one of our most anticipated games here at OnlySP and we’ve got our eyes peeled for some gameplay footage that Undead Labs promised would arrive just before PAX.  The game will be released for XBox Live Arcade and PC, but it is still in development, so no official release date has be announced.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to for more State of Decay info and assets as soon as we get them.

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I'm really beginning to miss the USSR as main enemies in games... always zombies....


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

^^ animations seem a bit rough but one of the characters drop kicked a zombie.. So yeah totally digging it..


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Supposedly, the game is still in its Alpha stages ^^

That screenshot reminds me a lot of Jericho. Fox cancels everything I like, those bastards.

I actually want to see a zombie game that focus more on the social aspects, as in, you're part of a town or group of survivors and you have to worry about taking care of the whole rather than worrying about shooting zombies in the face.

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Everything looks great apart from the animations. I really like the base building.

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