So, I borrowed MoH Heroes 2...

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... And who's up to some online play? :D

Some people here might have the game, and going through the hassle of PMing each of them would be long. So I decided to create a thread on this as I haven't seen one before.

So, go ahead! I'm totally new to this game, so might wanna tell me how to add people or something :)

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Would like to play the game to try out the controls, but I haven't gotten around to it yet...

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i want this game so badly but i cant find it anywhere.

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Nintendo Network ID: Sherlock99

This game is coming out in Aus soon, so this relevant to my interest also.


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I love this game. I don't know how to play with friends, other than sending a friend request. You can then PM a friend if they're online and set up a locked game. But playing with strangers is fun enough.

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on the lobby press 2 for EA Messenger, then click on +/- to browse the user/friends list.

Feel free to add me, my Persona is Jetlogs

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Let's see... Jetlogs added!

The online is run by EAnation ahy?

So that means us aussies and kiwis (when the game is released here) can play you americans without region lock?

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feel free to add me whenever (just PM me to let me know)

I'd play ya, but sadly my wii isn't hooked up to the internet.

Also i'd suck as it takes em too long to recognize friend from foe in multiplayer online games.