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Fucking hilarious. It's also funny how many people took this seriously.

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He is the Troll Master.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

Slimebeast said:
Chark said:
Chark said:
This is not trolling. Everyone obviously doesn't have a good sense of what that word means. That and it seems only half of you cared to read the whole OP. Do yourself a favor, turn around and read the whole thing before you post.

This is satire. Think Stephan Colbert with a mix of Lewis Black.

The following is a formal apology due to my lacking/uneducated knowledge of what the word "trolling" truly means: Sorry, bro.


Hope that makes up for it.

Har har. Not trying to point you out exactly, a bunch of people called it that. The word is thrown around a lot to here on the interents. Trolling is sort of in a similar to satire, but trolling is more like getting punked. For those who only read the first part of two could easily write it off as trolling, and you've seen the examples of tl;dr on this site.

What are you talking about? Where is part two?

That was suppose to be an "or". I'm using my Vita so if it wasn't for this damn cheap whore of a service and I was able to pay for perfection, and trust me I'd spend every last dime, I wouldn't have to deal with these bastard thumbs f***ing up all the time.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Unlike the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live is American, and as such it enjoys all the benefits that America has to offer. Xbox Live stands for freedom, a strong work ethic, democracy, God, eagles, Obama, and justice. Meanwhile, PSN is not American, and as such does not stand for freedom or any of the other things I can't be bothered to type out again. Also, it's probably racist a little bit.

LMAO!!! this made me laugh so hard!!!!

Lol, all the people missin the point. Read between the lines.

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Turkish said:
DirtyP2002 said:

I played on steam, battle.net, PSN, Dreamarena and Xbox Live. Xbox Live is by FAR the best service on the market.

The UI and integration of all the apps works just perfectly fine. Better than anywhere else. The content is awesome, the online gameplay works easily, same for the cloud storage, cross game chat, perfect customer service (something PC gamers don't even know in this form), integration with PCs is already pretty good and smartglass will be another step in the right direction.

XBLA > every online-game-service on the market.

Steam has good deals from time to time, but is full with cheaters. CSS, CS 1.6 is nearly unplayable. It doesn't feel like a community at all. Account-hacking is pretty bad, too.

Battle.net is full with hackers as well. 2 out of 5 games on WC3 (I still love that game) is against someone using MH.

PSN has a crappy UI, less content, fewer apps, no cross game chat at all, but more updates which take forever to download. Not everybody has a headset.

Sure you pay for XBL, but it is worth it. I am a XBL gold-member for 8 or 9 years and I don't regret a single day.

Its not worth it, paying 60 euros to access Twitter or YouTube is not worth it. Free services like PSN and Steam are the best, you cant beat free services. Online gaming has always been free. I dont see why anybody would pay for Live anymore when PS4 launches with more ram this x game chat, Vita already does it.

It is worth it. If it wasn't I wouldn't pay for it.

Being free is the only positive aspect of PSN people come up with. And it is okay, if you don't have $3 - $5 a month to spend. fortunately I have more money to spend, so I can afford a better premium service.

There once was a great sig here, but it got killed.

A moment of silence would be appreciated.

I don't care that it's satire, it's effing crap. Seriously....

So many people fell for this!
It's funny how many people fail to read beyond the title.

It being american is the very reason I will not use it :)

Over 40M members cant be wrong.

Xbox Live is the best online service on earth and nothing will ever top it.

Steam is Great and PSN is really weak but hey its Free.

Live is on another League, a league of its own, its simple and effective, Psn is messy and buggy.

Psn is so slow when i hit the guide button then messages are a pain in the ass, seeing friends is strange, on Live is so easy and simples and thats why Live is the best. Also has much more and better features than all the others.

But this article is funny haha this guy has to be the master troll.