Ever wondered how the mind of a creepy stalker works?

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Trunkin said:
BasilZero said:
Trunkin said:
NintendoPie said:
Trunkin said:

Eww! Stop it! You're creeping me out!

Watch out! Basil might send you 600 emails soon, and you know what that means... (´・ω・`) 

I'm calling the police!

So....does that mean...a YES THAT WE ARE DATING!? *<(=^_^=)>*


Don't reply to me anymore.

Okay *<(=^_^=)>*

I'll message you later! *<(=^_^=)>*



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Not anymore....I've already seen Mr Plinkett's review videos...

AbbathTheGrim said:


This is.. PURE GOLD!!! Simply amazing read!

I've read 3 parts now.. Currently reading the 4th part now..

It took me 2 hours to read the whole thing. Some of it made me laugh so hard and some of it was stupid as hell,especially the last page. It was a good read,but it was obviously made up.

Yes! This thread has been revived!
I really laughed my ass off, the first time I read this and doing it again, oh my...
This must have been one of my best laughs in a very long time.

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"Reading this thread reminds me that there are people like this, and reassures me that I’m doing just fine."

Made me laugh so much.

Thanks OP that was an incredibly entertaining read. Not sure if it was genuine or a very clever troll, you'd think if it were real he'd have been carted off to the police much earlier, plus some of the things he says like watching outside the window to see what time she goes to sleep seem a little...well I'd say too much but stalkers probably do do things like that lol.

On the other hand though, he's japanese so it wouldn't really surprise me at all.