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in 2005 i saw the specs and got interested... then i heard that playing on-line would cost me a yearly fee and i lost interest. it has not changed to this day.

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They have nothing of interest.


i don't care about xbox 360 because i am perfectly happy gaming on ps3 and pc plus there's few titles that distinguish between xbox 360 and ps3 (they share many games)

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I can't sue something that doesn't exist right? Like, what the heck is an XBox?

You're good to go Badgenome.

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Online fee, as expensive as a PS3, pretty much zero to 3 games I'd like to play

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Are you referring to why people generally ignore the Xbox 360 (or Microsoft)?

Or are you referring specifically to the absence of a "Why do you hate the Xbox 360 (or Microsoft)?" thread? Considering we've had a thread for the PS3 & Wii U both, but not a thread for Microsoft.

I just dont want to give microsoft anymore money. I'm sure xbox is great but I wil not pay for a subscription. Also the only games I would be interested in are halo and gears of war. Thats not worth buying this system to me.

No interesting exclusives and unacceptable failure-rate

Nothing to see here, move along

RROD. i had a 360 that got it just after PS3 launched. fixed the 360, sold it, bought a PS3 and never looked back.

pezus said:

Online fee, as expensive as a PS3, pretty much zero to 3 games I'd like to play

I agree, apart from there are more games I want on the system. I've been considering selling my Xbox 360 but I'm not sure, it feels like I'm owning one just to say that I have every console this gen, I'm sick of playing for XBL and there are only two or three more exclusives I want to play.