What was the last game you bought, how is it?

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Just post the last games you got and what you thought of it. No spoilers please.

I recently bought PS+ so I downloaded about 15 free games, so I'll name off a few I recently finished.

InFamous 2: Basically the exact same as the first, better graphics, new powers, really good voice acting, the ending was sad/awesome (if you know what I mean). Overall great game, but really nothing very new and innovative over the last, still addictively fun.

Orbit: This is a Playstation mini, very fun game you just need to launch some guy on a rocket and try to keep him in the air the longest by avoiding obsticles and getting power ups, pretty addictive.

Ratchet & Clank All 4 one: I understand this game is at it's best being played with 3 of your friends but other then that playing alone is just another R&C game minus other features, nothing special.

Just Cause 2: Played this game for almost 30 hours, and I don't think I got anywhere in the story, just been blowing up shit, I stopped playing because time went by to fast while playing it and I felt I could use that time better on other games, I knew there was just a shitty story and all I'd end up doing was blowing stuff after stuff up, it'd eventually get tiresome.

Lara Croft and the guardian of light: This game was FUN, I loved it, awesome guns, tricky puzzles, fast action, great objectives, I beat this game and am willing to play it again, I died A LOT!!!.

Hot shot's golf 2: Back in the day I owned an poriginal Playstation I had the demo of this game and I swear I probably played this demo more then most of my games, I was VERY good at this. First problem I had was the save wasn't working, it kept saying there was no blocks left to save when the virtual PSOne memory card was empty? Also after 10 years or so of not playing this I found out I really suck now, so if the save worked I'd love to keep playing, since it don't there's no point.

Uncharted 3: FINALLY GOT THIS, couldn't pass up seeing it $19.99 at costco. About half way through now, the game looks amazing and is delivering what I expect out of Naughty Dog, love it.

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Today I bought Ridge Racer 3D and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2.

But I don't know how they are because I don't have a 3DS or a DS at the moment.

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Just cause 2 in the steam summer sale. Flying around and driving a boat are awesome in 1080p. Controls and story are horrible, driving vehicles is a pain. There seem to be only 3 or 4 mission types, every stronghold take over is the same, repetitive to the max.
I still enjoy flying around and exploring, climbing mountains, staying in the air with the parachute, but the actual gameplay is a 4. A shame because the game world is awesome. I'll probably get bored of it as soon as I start to know my way around the island.

White knight 2..haven't played it yet a friend was selling it for 15 decided to bite I did put it in and go to the start menu though,

ratchet and clank trilogy. didn't play them yet. it was 20 euros at a local store so i couldn't pass on that price.

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Persona 4 Arena. Haven't dabbled in it much yet though since I've been working on SSF4 trials for a while now (nearly done, thank god).

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Infamous 3 = Uncharted 3? And Darksiders 2, so far so good.

darkknightkryta said:
Infamous 3 = Uncharted 3? And Darksiders 2, so far so good.

Ha...ya it's late...

Orcs must die! 2 = great co-op a lot of fun

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Guild Wars 2! Pre-purchased in full and downloaded, ready to go! I've only had the opportunity to take place in one stress test, but it was phenomenally fun. Quite excited for the full game upon it's release on the 25th... yeah my social life is going to be gone.