Why not make a Super Smash ShowelWare game?Which characters would you choos

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Seeing so many showelware games on Wii, it would be a nice idea to make a SSSW - Super Smash ShowelWare game. I think it would rock, especially with the planetary ninjabread man popularity.


Choose 2 characters you would put in it.


My picks are Ninjabread man and Kung-fu panda(never seen it, but i'm sure it will be on ninjabread man's level) 


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This is gonna be hard. I think one of the inherent aspects of shovelware is that they are so bad nobody plays them or even remembers them after passing them at a Gamestop and laughing. The sole exception that proves the rule being Ninjabread Man which has become a cult hit.

The Prince of Persia.

See Ya George.

"He did not die - He passed Away"

At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

The Guy from the Wii Far Cry.
His Level will have a unique art direction: blurry and horrible color. How charming.

Anubis and the Elvis from Rock'n'Roll Adventures... they could even have the Down Special just like Zelda + Sheik, and guess what? the moves would be the same!! faithful to the games, eh!

 oh, that was one character... I dunno. well, one Mini-Desktop car as assist trophy!

the words above were backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

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One of the army men from a "sarges heroes" game.
and Slippy Toad [he could be the frontman like Mario is in smash]

The dragon from Lair. It's attacks will consist of plowing headfirst into walls due to shoddy controls.

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And now it's time for some screenshots!



 Chicken shoot level, ofcourse.




Ha Ha. Where's the dog from?

John Madden - EA's Madden Series

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