Sony Game division made $375m profit (FY 2011)

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It made a profit last FY. 29.3b Yen=375m USD


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game division underperforms http://gamingbolt.com/sony-posts-312-million-loss-for-q1-2013-game-division-underperforms

Gaming division is not profitable. Though revenue was up, it lost 45 million US Dollars this quarter. Sorry for raining on your parade. This is truly sad for the gaming industry, alot of companies are posting losses (Take-Two, EA, THQ, etc.) :(

ZaneWane said:
game division underperforms http://gamingbolt.com/sony-posts-312-million-loss-for-q1-2013-game-division-underperforms

This thread is about last FY, stay on topic.

Well that's good at least, hopefully they can turn around the start this year and end on a high note. (in more than just gaming as well, btw)

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Final nail

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I think you should put the date in the titlle. Anyways these numbers just came out now how is Sony's 2012 Q1


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You should have included the date in the title.

whats the point of this thread? is it some kind of deflection mechanism?

The last results show a loss, i.e. the numbers quoted today for the last qtr.

This is historical data, post it as such, and yet you are quoting in the current tense.

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You know, most of the time even I get a little tired of your Sony-ism, but on such a day like today it's nice to get a reminder of some positive news - no matter if it's now a little irrelevant with new figures.

Just goes to remind us that the full FY may paint a different picture.

But I see people have already come to start discrediting what is (I assume) meant to just be a little "cheer up, it's not all bad" to all the Sony fans out there.   I know the current figures are down, and I know that it's the fun thing to do to point out how badly Sony are doing today, but still.  Oh well.