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That was actually a truly insiteful read, I really enjoyed it.

I couldn't help but agree though, Microsoft has made a lot of big decisions over the last few years and quite a large amount of them have failed, the 360 is a success for sure, but other than that, I'm not sure what is. Windows 7 is good but that was after Vista, Windows Live PC games were a disaster and one of their corner stones in Internet Explorer is getting slowly eroded by Chrome.

But as the article correctly says, technologies moves fast, if Balmer goes, Microsoft could find that next big product, the next Iphone, Ipad or Facebook and then Microsoft could be great again.

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apple has one, really loved product ( the ipod and it's variations) everything else apple makes is regarded as trash.
MS has the most used gaming OS for PCs, and has the gaming choice console of 6th and 7th gen.
Did MS lose their mojo? yes. I think they did, but not with what they offer for PC and maybe even windows phone 7.

Windows 8 is regarded as a bad OS from almost everyone that has it. again, MS releases a junk OS to make people hate them ( see vista)

The xbox shocked the world of gaming and for its short time was very successful and gave both game developers and gamers what they wanted, a good console with good online and it was easy to develope games for.

the 360 continued where the original xbox left off, but something went wrong at MS, and they stopped making games, and stopped caring about gamers. This is where MS started losing their mojo. though hardware wise kinect didn't do too bad go to any gamestop and they will have a lot of them sitting around. almost no one plays kinect games and I guarantee if the next xbox is more of a kinect box no one will buy it.
the lack of focus on the gamers that made xbox important is pushing what once were fans back to the sony camp or even to PC.

1Microsoft needs to stop trying to bully and rule consoles. they need to focus on gamers first and foremost.
2Next they need to stop the abomination that is windows 8.
3Stop useless spending ( I am sorry but skype wasn't worth what they paid) and buy game companies, or companies that actually have good technology worth buying.


Has Microsoft lost its Mojo?


I was wondering when someone was going to post something like this xD

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$20 - $25 BILLION in yearly profits and some of you guys are acting like MS is a has-been? Get real.

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Microsoft losing its mojo? I doubt it, the real problem is others are catching up to them. 

Back in the 90's, Windows was king, and there wasn't a such thing as an iPod, or Blackberry. Fast forward to now, and everything is portable: iPods, Androids, tablets. Microsoft hasn't made much of a foothold in the mobile space yet. The tried (and epicly failed) with Zune, Windows Mobile didn't make waves, and the current WP7 isn't really doing that great either. MS' main economic backbone is Windows. Sure they have the Xbox, and WP7 and other stuff, but if you kill Windows,you'll kill MS. 

Teh 360's faulty hardware was a big blow to Microsoft (at least in the video game sector), but that's okay. They weren't a hardare company to begin with. 

Now we have Windows Vista; the trashiest OS on the planet. Microsoft may have lost otheir mojo around this time, but they regained it by the time WP7 rolled around. Windows Phone seemed so fresh compared to iOS and Android. It's fluid, clean, and fast. To top that off, Metro looks sleek on it. Why people aren't buying it? That's beyond me. 

Windows 8 may just be a response to what I  said earlier: everything is portable. The menu on it looks like something on a tablet. From what I've seen, it looks fresh and new just like WP7, just because it's different, doesn't mean it's trash. Long story short, they aven't lost their mojo. 

I had no idea Iphone had over 1 billion sales Worldwide. Seriously. The article says Iphone outsold Windows. Windows 7 is over 1 billion, it sold 200 million in its first 3 months.

Colour me impressed

selnor said:

The Zune was a better media player than it's contemporary iPod, but Apple is cool and hipsters like it. Xbox was a better machine than the PS2, but Playstation was cool and fanboys hate new things. Surface is a real computer shaped like a tablet, an actual replacement for a laptop. But the iPad is cool and all the cool kids have it.

MS has been and continues to be a leader in the tech industry. MS tries to lead the horse to water, but they can't make it drink.