Sony Q1 numbers: 24.6 Billion yen loss (314 million dollars), cuts yearly forcasts

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Edit : Nevermind it isnt dollars.

Ps3 + Ps2 shipped 2.8 milion ?

Thats amazing :o

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What was the PSV shipment number?

Millenium said:
What was the PSV shipment number?

Five shoe strings


Millenium said:
What was the PSV shipment number?

In line with my predictions... im awesome xD

Ps3 + Ps2 = 2.8m - Bigger than Wii + 360.

Psv + Psp = 1.4m - Lower than 3DS + DS.

last year / same Q1 

was 3.2 Mil divided into 
Ps3 = 1.8
Ps2 = 1.4 

This year if both psp and ps3 got lower sales (from above statement) would be something similar 1.7/1.6 ps3 and 1.1/1.2 ps2 in order to match the 2.8 million total of this Quarter.

So i was Right about Ps3, Vita and Psp and i missed big time Ps2.

Finally found where they mentioned the updated shipment forecast... I called 12 million for PSP+Vita somewhere (though i still think it's optimistic but 12 million is at least do-able)

Also it seems last years 6.8 million shipment figure that used to be labeled just "PSP" now seems to include Vita as well, which means PSP was doing poorer than I thought.
Wait a moment, in another place (also just updated) they clearly labeled it with PSP only.... Sony really don't make this easy for us.

If you go here and down to part 10 it has a row of hardware shipments for PSP/Vita including the 6.8million 2011 total

Whereas if you go here and download the FY11-12 excel file, then go to the "KeyPro(Q)" tab it lables the 6.8 million figure as PSP only.

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Argh_College said:
TWRoO said:
Argh_College said:
1.6M is my bet.

For what?
$million in profit? or loss?
PS3 shipments? or PSV? (or maybe PSP... though I doubt they will have managed that)

I haven't really been following things much, but my shipment guesses would be: PS2 - 0.5m, PSP - 1.1m, PSV - 1.4m, PS3 - 1.7m

sorry my bad.

Ps3 : 1.6m

Psv : 900K

Psp : 500K

Ps2 : 600K

This was my prediction, i got it at 1.4m on Vita and Psp so i must be close :D 

Ps3 probsbly on stop or 100/200k out of spot. 

Not bad hah ?

can someone fix that title...

I'm not really here!

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i predicted nothing and i was absolutely right. like always, i'm never wrong with my missing predictions! you should praise me!

@topic please change the title holy cow! i had no clue how this is possible until i read the numbers.

Saw thread title and thought "Holy hell! That is what Stringer finds stimulating?!"

Then I see that it is NOT dolars and instead it is Yen.

Change that title, lol.

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US$ 24 billion dollar loss ? is that right ?

I'm pretty sure the $45m loss was caused by PSV sales.

I find hard to believe that PS3 is still being sold at loss.