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Who is the worst?

Sony Fanboys 222 35.75%
Microsoft Fanboys 108 17.39%
Nintendo Fanboys 69 11.11%
Apple Fanboys 133 21.42%
Android Fanboys 12 1.93%
PC Gaming Fanboys 36 5.80%
Other (Please Specify) 40 6.44%
man-bear-pig said:
CGI-Quality said:
man-bear-pig said:
There's nothing laughable about GerenalMLD's videos, because he uses hard facts to back his opinions. It isn't like he's some delusional fanboy making stuff up and being blind to reality.

GeneralMLD: "PS3, by itself, is a piece of shit"


Oops, I forgot that part

Take into account that quote isnt said here but is said on YT. Opinions aside, I do have a obligation to make a good video. But on topic with the thread, that comment isnt as crazy as you might think. 

Sony fans are unique, because unlike Wii and 360 fans, who each are content with defending their console on its on terms, PS3 fans will more often then not use the PC to defend the PS3. This scenerio has heppened to me countless times (im using 2012 examples):

Me: Witcher 2 and Minecraft are amazing 360 games. PS3 doesnt have them. 

PS3 Fan: They are not exclusive. I can just play them on PC. 

Actually pay attention to a PS3 fan defending their console. More often then you think.....they admit to playing their PC alongside their PS3. They know PS3 cant play the 360 games with PC versions so they "bundle" the PC with their PS3 to make the ultimate gaming setup. 

Essentially its instead of 360 vs PS3.........PS3 fans turn it into 360 vs PS3/PC. 

They need the PC to compensate for 360s multiplats not available on PS3. PS3 suddenly cant stand up for itself, PS3 fans need a second system to elevate it, to make it a fair comparison. But I see its funny that Sony fans are the only ones who cant defend PS3 for its own qualities. 

Now please, respond :)


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

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The only ones that really bother me are the illogical ones

I dont care if someone is Sony fanboy because they just simly love Sony type games. But the ones who try to pretend that Sony games look SOOOOOO much better than any other system and that niche ganes wilk sell 10 million or more are the worst.

I just saw TLOU in person in 1080p and ill tell you strait up it doesnt look far superior to Gears 3. Though it is beautiful

I hate big penis fan boys. They think they are so cool cause they can reach a females maximum capacity. Damn them!

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Personally, I've always found Microsoft fanboys to be the worst. They just seem the most aggressive. In my experience, I don't see a lot of Sony or Nintendo fanboys actively hoping for Microsoft's demise, yet I see Microsoft fanboys relishing when sony fails, or are otherwise HOPING for sony to fail at every turn from the original PS2/Xbox argument right to now, where I still see t hem actively trying to convince everyone that the Vita sucks and needs to die.

Before I actually knew how well Sony did with the PS2 (best selling system ever), I actually thought the Xbox was outselling it because many of my friends were strict Microsoft fanboys that hated sony, and were always spouting some nonsense about how the PS2 was a failure and all the good games were microsoft exclusives. Meanwhile, that system barely outsold the Gamecube, a norotiously poor selling console.

Then this generation came out and Microsoft seemed to have a thing with sony again, and for YEARS the Microsoft fanboys (and admittedly many of the sony ones) were screaming "PS3 HAS NO GAEMS", bemoaning the company for EVERY decision they made (they still do this) and basically doing everything they could do demonize sony and their prodcucts.

Microsoft fanboys are the reason I entered this generation HATING the Xbox 360 (them and the red ring of death), even though deep down inside I wanted one. Eventually I grew up (right around the time Sony started selling more consoles and Microsoft started floundering, therefore giving the Xbots no ammo to work with), and I picked up an Xbox 360, and now I have all systems and I certainly think they all have their merits, even though my favorite is still the PS3. Most games, best games, Blu Ray, love free online play and PSP/PSV cross connectivity. Going into next gen, I currently have the WiiU as my least favorite, but like this gen, I will get one, just not at launch.

Another annoying group of fanboys in second place have to be the "PC God Elitists". not people who simply think PC gaming is objectively better (for those with good systems it is better), but those who feel they have the right to look down their nose at console gamers, like they're above console gaming, BETTER than us. PC gaming is cool, and Steam has come a long way towards making i t far more user friendly, but I still prefer consoles to PC, and there's nothing worse than an elitist.

Apple fanboys are annoying, too...but I can ignore them becuase I know they're just a silly cult following overpriced nonsense that perfectly encapsulates all that's wrong with modern consumer culture. They're easy to disregard.

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The people in here complaining about sales focused gamers need to remember what website theyre on

Its a sales site theres gonna be a lot of amateur sales analysts

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BenVTrigger said:
The people in here complaining about sales focused gamers need to remember what website theyre on

Its a sales site theres gonna be a lot of amateur sales analysts

Sales aren't the issue (which I'm not sure who was complaining about that anyway). It's when people make it seem like a corporation, that really doesn't give a shit about them specifically, making millions / billions is somehow > receiving plenty of games to play. You say you don't like people saying things that aren't logical, then that should surely fit that criteria of "illogical".

Frankly, it's more often than not a fan of the Microsoft camp that defends that idea. 


Slimebeast said:
GeneralMLD is cool and a true man, showing his face to an army of haters. Most of our members secretly wish they were as brave and bold as him.

i have no problem to show everyone my face like i did on vgchartz but i just don't feel the need to post something on youtube for whatever reason.


Lol how is it not relevant if a company is making billions losing billions?

Ask Sega fans how that line of thinking works

BenVTrigger said:

Lol how is it not relevant if a company is making billions losing billions?

Ask Sega fans how that line of thinking works

Where in there did I say it wasn't relevant? 

It's simple, in the beginning, as Runa pointed out, it was "X console has no games". Fast forward years later and it's "X console's exclusives don't sell" or "who cares how many games it gets, it's still losing billions". 

I don't know about you, but I'd taking the games over boasting about financials, but that still doesn't imply that what these companies make is irrelevant. Obviously, if they aren't making enough money to carry themselves, they will have to exit hardware altogether.


Yeah but honestly theres a lot of people on this site that dont even game all that much. They just fond sales and trends interesting

My point is simply this is a sales site so stuff like that is going to happen. Fortunatley I have every console currently on the market so I dont really care what games come out on each console