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Which film did you like better?

Dark Knight Rises 30 31.58%
Dark Knight 43 45.26%
Tie 6 6.32%
See the Results 13 13.68%
MaulerX said:
TheFallen said:
Bane was nothing compared to the Joker. I was thoroughly dissapointed with TDKR after the Great TDK.
TDKR isn't even the best Batman movie, let alone superhero movie. I think in a few months time when the hype dies down, people will judge it better.


I felt very similarly. The movie was good but there is no denying that Bane's character was thrown under the bus at the end of the movie. Basically a radio controlled piece of muscle with no brains. I also never understood why they made it a point to show you that Bruce Wayne's leg brace gave him the ability to kick thru concrete, yet, Batman never used it in battle. I was fully expecting Batman to kick Bane in the balls. I also had a bit of an issue with Bruice Wayne/Batman being portrayed as a physically broken man. Batman has always been known for his gadgets, and logic dictates that if he is physically impaired, he should've relied on said gadgets even more to make up for his impairment, yet, he never used his utility belt. At all. He rarely showed why he is Batman.

Exactly this! I watched the movie last knight and reading some people saying the sewers battle was awesome I expected to see Batman using all his toys against Bane or something like that. Sadly he looked like an ordinary kickboxer, only punches and kicks here and there and was defeated very easily. I know it would had been very difficult to use special effects like in Spiderman, but adding more variety to the battle with his belt would had been great. Oh well, still great movie but I liked TDK better I think. I'll watch it again.

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dsage01 said:
vlad321 said:
pezus said:

Well I do not know about that. But what I do know is that TDKR felt more meaningful than The Avengers to me. The Avengers was a good film, heck maybe even great, but not as good as TDKR or any of Nolan's Batman films. 

And while people keep mentioning villains in here, the villain in The Avengers was pretty bad to say the least. 

So here's what I think overall about the films, in short form.


Good - Action, humor, many of the characters (Iron Man especially), Scarlett's ass

Worse - Main plot, villain(s), soundtrack (forgettable), the death scene (of a nobody) that was supposed to be emotional



Good - Story and the way it is told, villain(s), Batman, Michael Caine, a fitting and bombastic soundtrack (memorable character themes), Anne's ass

Worse - Some minor plot holes that have no effect on the overall plot. Nothing else I can think of because I thought the film was shockingly astounding

Oh hell no, now I know you have a problem with blindness when it comes to this movie. The villains in TDKR was absolutely pathetic. Obviously spoilers from here on down.

You build up Bane, he is awesome, he got out of a pit, he has ideals and ideas. He's badass, even too much or Ra's. Then in the last 15 minutes you learn he is just a little bitch that just follows some dumb bitch. He is nothing, he is worthless. He has no ideas, he has no point, all his ramblings are absolutely removed when you find out about Talia. He isn't smart, he isn't badass, he ins't awesome. He's just some muscle who got kicked out of an order because he wanted to fuck the headmaster's daughter. Pathetic, it's absolutely insulting towards Knightfall's Bane.

Now Talia on the other hand, you see her for a total of 20 minutes, and I can sum up her entire character in 1 quote. "You killed my dad, whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch, complain complain."

The villains in TDKR are absolutely terrible, both of them.

Edit: The best villain in this movie was Liam Neeson, and that should tell you a lot considering that happened 2 movies ago.

Either you are the biggest Batman hater I've ever seen or you just liked Avengers too much to see it being put down. You sound like an annoying 10 year old who just got punched in the balls. I don't even know how to proffesionally respond to that horrible ,unaccurate and imature briefing you gave TDKR...

...But he's perfectly correct. Bane was awesome throughout the movie; they build him up as this threatening, brutal, dominating force. But then in the last twenty minutes of the film, he completely gets his ass kicked by Batman in just three minutes (earlier in the movie, Bane completely dominated Batman). We find out Bane was just another henchman with Talia truly being behind it all. Then he dies a pathetic death. He was made like a real bitch at the end of the film.

Now as for Talia, I did not buy the twist nor the relationship at all. In Batman Begins & TDK, we see Wayne following Rachel and protecting her (or trying to) throughout the film. In TDKR, he immediately puts down the pic of Rachel and has sex. Where's the development? The relationship wasn't believable and felt forced.

But I disagree with Vlad on one thing: Scarecrow was the best villian in TDKR, followed by Liam Neeson. Amazingly, they're both BB villains.

Rises is a pop corn movie.

Bane and Talia have a Bond-Villian complex where they give the hero enough time to screw up their plans, when they had everything to win without much effort.

Batman v.s. Bane fights are both the same. Batman hits Bane on the face with different results. In the first one almost gets killed, on the second one he wins.

Bane, Talia and Catwoman are SO underdeveloped, and a let down.

Bane is NOWHERE near as good as the Joker.

Gotham City is imune to radiation from Nukes it seems. To have a blast at that distance sure won't destroy your city, but you'll have YEARS of cancer and radiation related deaths. Nobody seems to care about that.

In all, Rises is kindda entretaining, yes. But for me is way below the first two.