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Who will be top dog globally?

3DS 33 44.00%
360 6 8.00%
PS3 18 24.00%
Wii 1 1.33%
Wii U 7 9.33%
PSP 0 0.00%
PSV 2 2.67%
DS 0 0.00%
Ouya 2 2.67%
see dirty insides 6 8.00%
enrageorange said:

I think those 360 prices you listed are too high. Microsoft had lower 360 prices during black friday last holidays. I think it will at least match those prices throughout the entire holiday season this year. Also I don't see why people expect the the video game market to magically grow by a ridiculous amount after the huge drops it experienced the last two years and the even bigger drop it is experiencing the beginning of this year.

Anyway my predictions for December. 









Yep, that's why I noted there will be retialer specific specials like gift cards and such. I am listing only MSRP type pricing and expected bundles. However, if you think the MSRP of a specific bundle is too high, please let me know specifically.

The market will grow, not because of price drops (notice all old machines are down yoy in my predictions, but due to new hardware. 2nd holiday of 3DS, WiiU, and new PSV.

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I only say Xbox360, because it's my favorite of the ones that I own. I do wish, however, that I owned a PS3. The 3DS is alright, but I don't care for Wii anymore. Maybe because I purchased it used (dumb thing to do).

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