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@elgefe02 looks fairly amusing 8.5

The only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth.

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Funny face:P

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^8. I don't know what it is but its amusing.

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Yep really nice avatar 10, what game/show is it from??


You're always for weird avatars, aren't you?

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^6, i can't really tell what it is but i like the colours ^^

^^ Heroes of Might and Magic 5

^^ I'd say an 8.  Not my personal taste, but it's clear and identifiable and not too much detail like Avatars can get.  And yes, Heroes of M&M 5 

Oh, and @ stof

I'd give it an 8.5. DMeisterJ way underrated you. I don't personally know who it is, but I like the picture, and it's very recognizeable. It'd just be wrong it you ever changed it

@ tk1989

10. He hasn't posted, but just because I find his Avatar absolutely hilarious. I think any WarCraft fan will appreciate his Avatar.

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routsounmanman said:
^^ Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Actually i was referring to LISMDK lol :P

^^ 9.  I like the pic

He was answering pmaster4.  Who'd I give a 10 for the Avatar too.  Nice style.  Where is your's from, pmaster4?  It looks like a Spawn pic to me

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