Do you like travelling? Where have you been?

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Do you like travelling?

Love it! I do it as aften as I can. 15 42.86%
I like it, but don't do it too often. 13 37.14%
I've never left my country. 4 11.43%
There's a world outside my basement???? 1 2.86%
See results. 2 5.71%

I've been to France (only for one day), Germany and USA (Washington DC)- DC was probably the greatest week of my life; fantastic place- I really want to visit America again :)

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I'm from Turkey and I really love to travel; mostly in summers. But when i travel i don't just stay for a short time, instead i stay for a about a month in that country/city to really see the culture and lifestyle. I love to go to Sweden and Denmark so I go to them every summer and stay a month to spend time with them. I just love Swedish and Danish people :)

So far I visited

Germany(Berlin, Rostock, Hamburg)
Sweden(Malmo, Varmland, Stockholm)
USA(Virginia, Washington, New York)
Denmark(Copenhagen, Aarhus, Billund-Legoland lol)

And this summer I will be going to Russia-Moscow, Sweden-Gothenburg and India-Mumbai :):)

crissindahouse said:

too much, really...especially when i was like 8-20 years old.

just to name where i really was for longer and not only stop of my airplane in dubai or so to get the flight to another country cheaper:

south africa
czech republik
bavaria lol
canary islands
maybe something i forgot to mention

i really want to see: vietnam, new zealand, cuba, something in south america but not sure wich most, china

lol! especially thx to my father who brang me to the southern part of africa and since then i love it.

Wow, hopefully I'll have such a long list one day. Canary Islands is part of Spain though, I've been there too a couple of times myself.

If you go to south America perhaps Peru is the best place, because you get not only SA culture but also the amazing ruins of Machu Pichu.

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Been to:
Sweden(Svinesund, Karlstad)
Denmark(Copenhagen, Frederikshavn
Germany(Too many places to name)
Netherlands(Amsterdam, some small town on the dutch-german border)
France(Paris, Cherbourgh)
Italy(Rome, Venice, Pisa)
Switzerland(somewhere in the Alps)
United States(Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco)

Nothing to see here, move along

Germany (my country LoL)
Switzerland 1x
Ireland 2x (no northern ireland so far)
Poland 10x+
France 4x
Belgium 2x
Spain 6x
Netherlands 2x
Luxembourg 2x
England 2x
Wales 2x
Scottland 1x
Tunisia 1x (my only non EU visit)


One day I will visit Canada Japane and maybe the US

I speak German English French Spanish Polish and Japanese well and a bit of Irish  I'm 24 btw

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Europe - England, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland
Africa - Uganda
N.America - Throughout Canada, and 6-7 states in the US

Absoultely love Europe, have been there three times, it is my first choice when chosing a vacation. I love the variety of cultures, food, and history that it has to offer. People throughout have always been great as well.

Would love to go to Australlia and New Zealand though, hopefully my next destination.

I'm from Adelaide in South Australia and I've been all around Australia and New Zealand, but nothing outside of Oceania. I'm going to Japan on exchange for two and a bit months in September though, so I'm really looking forward to that. I plan to go all around the world on my gap year too :D

I've gone to Cuba and USA a bunch of times. I would love to go to new places, but plane tickets and hotels are damn expensive :(

Sweden several times (have taken ferry from Turku or Helsinki to Stockholm)

Estonia more times than I remember. Mainly because it's so cheap to bring booze from Tallinn =D. I have to visit at least once a year so that I don't run out of booze...

One time in Norway. Although is was only some kilometers from Finnish border in one shop.... Had to check that do they sell anything different across the border.

Two times in Germany. Both times went there with family to buy a car. Came to Germany with ferry from Hanko to Rostock. In the first time we bought car from Wiesbaden and in second time from Berlin. Both very nice cities. Especially Berlin as it was summer of 2006... dat football crazyness =D.

In Denmark one time as during second car buying trip in Germany we drove with that car trough Denmark and Sweden back to Finland. Spent one day in Copenhagen. Damn there were bicycles..

Last summer in Japan. Went there with whole family as my brothers wife is Japanese. Spent eight days in Osaka and one in Kyoto. One of the best weeks of my life. Everything was soooo different. Food, architechture, people, customs, culture etc. Loved sightseiing and food. I don't wonder anymore why they have so much less overweight people. Healthy and great tasting food that didn't even cost that much. Damn. Must say though that Japanese don't really know English other than some basic words like Yes and Thanks... That created pretty funny situations always when we were out without brothers wife... Especially in restaurants... =D

I travel a lot, but not because i want to, just work, but I DO enjoy the journey, so I am not whining (unless its Egypt)

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