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Smeags said:
Darc Requiem said:

The original? No I haven't actually. I stand corrected. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Time to right that wrong my friend. It's got solid, simple, and fun gameplay mechanics and an art style that doesn't make your eyes bleed despite being in the PS/N64/Saturn generation. 


I'm not much of an RPG connoisseur, as I tend to play it safe with my RPG purchases. So I really haven't encountered a truly bad RPG.

However, if there's one RPG I played that was completely average in every aspect it was Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku. I mean, I enjoyed the game well enough during those more innocent days, seeing as it was pretty great to be Goku and power up to some awesome power levels... but everything was just so... meh. Especially the combat. There was some cheap crap that I went through during those days, and I was too foolish to recognize it. I probably would have been a lot more harsh towards the title had I played it more recently.

Hmmm...maybe. I have a huge back log of games, but since VC purchases transfer to WiiU. I'll think about it. Not even sure I'm going to get a WiiU yet.

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Eternal Eyes. Runners up are Resonance of Fate and Final Fantasy 13.

NiKKoM said:
Quest 64... and you can't kill it with fire..

I hated it too when I first played it...but for some reason I decided to give it a 2nd try a few years later after its purchase (note I did not have a memory card for the N64,  so I couldnt save it), I played about 15-18 hours straight and got to the end of the game.....XD


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Haven't played too many traditional RPGs in my gaming experience, but Legend of Dragoon was pretty painful with the constant and slow-paced battles. I gave up on it by the time I reached the 2nd disc.

Also, me and my buddy rented both Quest 64 and Aidyn Chronicles on the N64... what a waste of $2.99 each lol.

Edit: After having read through the majority of this thread, I've come to a conclusion that may shock some folks...

JRPG fans hate WRPGs, and WRPG fans can't stand JRPGs.

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You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

FF 13 was terrible! The biggest gaming dissapointment of my life.

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star ocean: the last hope.

i tried to like it but the characters got worse and worse, the combat was boring, the dungeons reptitive and when giant fluffy pink bunnys started appearing i just quit.

Beyond the Beyond was a nightmare

Dragon Age 2

Some of the areas on that game look like they were built using Sims 2 creation tools

finalrpgfantasy said:
MaxwellGT2000 said:
Final Fantasy XIII, just so many things wrong with this title, then FFX for many of the same reasons.

I've played other BAD RPGs I knew they were bad but my experiences with them were actually not that negative, played, beat, and then forgotten. Guess the best example of this was DBZ Attack of the Sayians, a very basic RPG, even kills off a lot of your party you worked hard on building up, but I liked the battle mechanics and the areas were drawn really well, it just felt like half the RPG it should have been but even then I can remember more things I enjoyed about it... a very low budget DS RPG than FFX or XIII.

I can understand ff XIII BUT final fantasy X.  Final fantasy X is one of the best final fantasy titles out there.

As I said for many of the same reasons.  Unlikable characters, terrible story, terrible voice acting (FFXIII is actually a bit better here), just a really bad script overall, the likable characters much like FF8 are dangled in front of you but you never actually really get involved with (meaning Ject, Auron,  and Braska... you only play Auron after he's had his character progression thus wasting a huge opprotunity with the one likeable main team crew), the game is also very linear, the sphere grid is annoying especially when you want unique characters, everyone is ultimately the same except for some equips and Yuna can summon, unneeded cut scenes while also making the characters a totally different ethnicity for whatever reason... and the only thing really better than FFXIII was the battle system...

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Whomever said Grandstream Saga, shouldn't be allowed to call himself a gamer :cries:...

j/k, the game did have a huge amount of flaws, but I still loved it to pieces .

Oh well, my worst RPG experience of all time is probably a tie between Grandia Xtreme and Lagoon (Snes). The amount of shitiness between both would discourage any brave soul from ever playing a RPG again if played in sucession

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