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WiiU shouldve come out in

2006 116 35.69%
2012 149 45.85%
show me the goddamn results 60 18.46%

Talkin bout my (own) generation!

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Great, now I can sleep.


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chocoloco said:
Mad55 said:
chocoloco said:
Agreed, my ps3 did the ylod and I am buying a new one instead of the wii U.

What does your post have to do with the article?

The same as those that just said true, or he is right before me. Mine says that I think the Nintendo is playing catch up so instead of buying the wii u I will replace the same PS3 that can provide the same old third party and hardware I always had. 

Yes Yes I see.

I guess that this means that Nintendo isn't competing with Sony and Microsoft - just like this gen.

Good to know!

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PSwii60 said:
NintendoPie said:

Bad PsWii60! You are turning him to even more of a monster! The horror!

LOL, That's actually pretty light trolling, not completely bannable; borderline bannable at best. Besides, there are much better trolls out there that turns it into art

Kantor just gave me a warning for the poll :/

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This is quite possibly the best cop-out I've ever heard.

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I always felt that the Wii was not the same "Generation" as the PS3/360. For example, major third party titles like Final Fantasy XIII or Assassin's Creed where not published on the Wii. Other Titles had a version for PS3/360 and another Version for PS2/Wii/(PSP).

The Wii also wasn't a direct competitor who could steal away an important game from the PS3/360. The control scheme was also a problem, because the controller of the Wii was too different from the PS3/360 controller, making it more difficult to port the game to the Wii.

The Wii U will close the gap and will take the Wii to the same Level with the PS3/360, so that it will get some games along with them. But since the Wii missed the beginning of some franchises I somehow doubt that the sales figures will be relatively small. The difference in the install base might cause some relatively horrible numbers compared to the established consoles (Assassin's Creed 3 for example).

I somehow feel that the Wii U will have a hard time. The Wii hast lost its steam lately and the software draught left a bitter taste. The casual crowd might not spend another € 200-€ 300 for a console when they already stopped playing their old one. The Wii U might not get the same press hype as the WII. In a big German newspaper it was cited amongst the top5 disappointments of the E3.

All in all, I think that Sony has a good understanding of the Situation of the Wii. the VITA-Situation is also not too bad. People are just too impatient. The 3DS had a week start, but the transition from DS to 3DS went rather smoothly. The PSP is still doing relatively strong and there are still great games coming out for it in Japan.

That might be the reason why Sony and Microsoft are still holding back their new consoles. They simply could have a horrible start as long as people are not willing to make the transition to the next generation.

I think an HD Wii should have come out in 2009 or 2010 - when they bought out Wii Motion Plus. M+ is an improvement over the regular Wii controllers. It would have been a good time to 'refresh' the hardware a bit so it can perform in HD (and it would be nice if it could upscale Wii games - someting WiiU doesn't do.)

If it was just the WiiU today without the game pad, so the money could go into the system. They could added the 'pro' controller and could have stayed in completion with the twins and kept expanding.

But I found once I got an HD system for my HD TV I didn't like all the 'jaggys' and such. Even without the touch screen, being just HD (also for Netflix, Hulu+ etc.) I think would have extended their dominance.

Anyway, I like them and wish them well - it was hard for another system to come into my life.


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if the release date is closer than 2 years, then they are the same gen, and since WiiU and its Nintendo games will drain sales of Ps4, like Wii did took sales from Ps3, WiiU is same gen as Ps4, unless they release it too late

BasilZero said:
Jumpin said:
Generation is dependent on when it arrived.

I.E. Despite Arnold Schwarzenegger being much more powerful than David Bowie, they're still of the same generation.

Despite Katherine Schwarzenegger and Patrick Shriver being much less powerful than Arnold Schwarzenegger, they are still his children, and therefore the next generation.

You just compared genetic/bio generation to a generation of technology....it doesnt work like that.

Yes it does. The word generation in technology is used as an analogy to bio generation.

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