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Thanks Superchunk for taking care of this!

If you didn't have the opportunity to follow along with us on our liveblog of the opening keynote at WWDC 2012, fear not -- we've put all the juicy deets together into one place. There was a lot to cover today: Retina displays on next-generation MacBook Pros, refreshes for the rest of the MacBook lineup, a full helping of new features coming in OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Head on below to catch up on the latest news from the Moscone Center!

Also, don't forget to check out our full coverage of WWDC 2012 at our event hub!

MacBooks / OS X:


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i want io6 to fix the battery draining problem that ios5 caused.

Hopefully you will get that!

I'd change the sig, we have rules against too much cleavage.



New things in iPhone5:

4" machine with a new overall look.
Quad-core technology.
4G (real 4G "LTE", not HSPA+ which is actually 3G)
8MP camera
improved display
various OS improvements (mostly minor... I see a gaming push in new store)

$200 on contract and 16GB, $300 on contract and 32GB
White and Black models
Launch next month


EDIT2: So no gaming push and no iPhone 5. However, I actually expected that to go hand in hand, if I'd known there'd be no iPhone 5 I wouldn't have put the gaming info in my prediction. Guess that new hardware will have its own event later in the year.

I won't be able to follow it anymore, gutted. Someone take over this fail thread and post news no one cares about while I am gone!

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Looks like so far its just about improvements to Macbooks. I hope SSDs decrease in price. I would like those in my next PCs.

Interesting. While talking about macbook pro... they are talking about a push into gaming. In particular, Diablo3

I'm a jerk, so I'm going to enter my opinion no-one cares about: I could not be less excited.

ok so not much in gaming. Just diablo3 taking advantage of new retina display in macbook pro.

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Millenium said:
I'm a jerk, so I'm going to enter my opinion no-one cares about: I could not be less excited.

Me neither, I just like tech news. So even tho I'll probably never own an apple product, I enjoy this stuff.