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TWRoO said:
NightDragon83 said:
This isn't a big deal, 30fps is the standard for most HD games, and many of the smoothest games still have framerate hiccups here and there.

And don't forget, it's not like both screens are going to be displaying the full game simultaneously along with the main TV screen. 99% of the time they'll just be displaying arbitrary menus and HUD stuff when playing games using the TV as the main screen... and if you're playing a full game on the Wii U screen instead of the TV, then obviously you're not using a second controller so the point becomes moot.

Well we don't know enough about it yet, you may be able to play 2 player games using the pads instead of the TV.

They'd most likely be relatively simple games like the "Othello" game shown in last year's E3 demo for example, or certain 2D games like NSMBU.  I highly doubt we'll be able to play games like Call of Duty exclusively on the small screen when using two tablet gamepads simultaneously, but if that somehow turns out to be true, it would then become a HUGE selling point of the system.

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TWRoO said:

Did the MKWii framerate drop below 30fps in 3+ local MP? I thought morenoingrato was talking about the more simplistic environment in that case (Nintendo took stuff out so the tracks looked simpler to avoid poor framerate)

As mentioned though this doesn't seem like a graphic processing problem, but something else... perhaps it is a wireless bandwidth issue (which means it will only affect the frame rate of the controller screen... normal TV framerate will as usual be dependent on the developer... ie it will likely also be 30fps, but not for any fault in the hardware)

It did drop from 60 fps to 30fps in 3 player and 4 player local mode.

The doomtalk about the Wii-U has started, looks like its gonna get as worse as the Vita l0l

So according to this document, does this mean local multiplayer will lower FPS? That makes no sense...


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This threads is omitting basic logic.

There is a limited pool of resources for any given system. You can't take 5 cookies and give 3 people 5 cookies.

Your processing the data an additional time for each screen added. Either the frame rate gets lowered or the game will have to use less of the systems resources keep at 60 FPS.

pezus said:

Won't most games run at 30 FPS anyway lol?

which might suggest that most games won't support 2 pads.

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kitler53 said:
pezus said:

Won't most games run at 30 FPS anyway lol?

not a problem, those games just drop to 15 FPS...

Not necessarily. Sounds to me like this is more to do with a bandwidth limit in the wireless communications than a processing limit in the Wii U itself. Otherwise, running a low-requirement game on two tablets wouldn't hit the framerate at all, right?

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Mr Khan said:

Already posted


My bad.

Meh, don't care.

If the fps drop really is such a big mess then just make sure you stick to one tablet and three pro controllers. (also, I'm perfectly fine with 30 fps, no need to go beyond that)

The question is though if Nintendo is willing to cut graphics to make sure that the game runs smoothly (like they did with Mario Kart 7), which I believe they are. Games where graphics are important usually don't support split screen anyway.

The gamepad LCD drops the fps to 30, not the TV.

Nem said:
The gamepad LCD drops the fps to 30, not the TV.

Yeah, I believe this might be true.


The statement that two wii u gamepads will drop the frame rate to 30 fps points at a game running at 60 fps, but that can never be guaranteed. Which is why I think it might be the wiiu pads, maybe the wiiu pads will have everything running at 60 fps.