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What did you think of Microsoft's E3?

Best E3 EVER! 21 3.65%
Best MS E3 I've seen in a while 11 1.91%
Great! 30 5.21%
It was decent 65 11.28%
Meh... 130 22.57%
Just...no 115 19.97%
Worst E3 ever! 107 18.58%
See results 92 15.97%
VicViper said:
Maybe I'm not evolved enough, but I still can't watch a show and read a map at the same time.

Lol, are you driving and watching the press conference at the same time?? XD

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I want that Tablet!

At least Halo 4 looks good.

I heard rumors that Xbox 3 is just a kinect app

Halo 4 looks too good.

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How long is it going to be?

M.U.G.E.N said:
man they are shitting up this conference now..they started off sooo well too :S

Don't know what you expected, it is has been 30 minutes of gameplay, 30 minutes of entertainment and features), and 30 minutes of kinect stuff for the past three years.


Are they advertising tablet controllers? That's Nintendo's gig!

Love and tolerate.

and next comes nike again to show what they can do with the pad

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- George Orwell, ‘1984’

IE9 confirmed, decent.