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Good news! Each year, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (ITP) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) present the Into The Pixel art exhibit, a collection of videogame artwork hand-picked by experts from the traditional fine art world and the interactive entertainment industry.

This year, we’re excited to share that art from four exclusive PlayStation titles is included in this year’s list of winners –The Last of Us (PS3), Journey (PSN), Gravity Rush (PS Vita) and wipEout 2048 (PS Vita) were chosen for this year’s collection. This is a true honor for SCEA and our developers.

(hit the link for interviews about each piece)



The Last of Us

Developed by Naughty Dog, Inc.
“Broken Overpass” by Shaddy Safadi




Developed by thatgamecompany
“The Call to Adventure” by Matt Nava



Gravity Rush

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio
“Gravity Daze” by Takeshi Oga



wipEout 2048

Developed by SCE Studio Liverpool
“The 2048 Grid” by Darren Douglas // Art Directors Lee Carus and Marcus Tanner


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I remember this from last year as well. Congrats to the artists behind these. Some exceptional work.

my sig and avatar are also official art work for gravity daze. amazing stuff

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Well deserved, I say. Those pics are excellent.

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