Geoff Keighley says Unreal Engine 4 wont run on Wii U

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If getting UE4 means paying more for the console and/or games, then, no thank you!

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While this also of a rumor. It has a name attached and one whose reputation could be ruined for not telling the truth. So I put some stocks in it.

I imagine it gets to a cost-benefit analysis by Nintendo. It may not be thought of as being worth it,
Also, if you can get out and get an install base in place, it will behave to be ignored.

If people (think they) can sell games on the WiiU, it won't matter what will or will not run on it. If they can't, it won't.

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Oh well, I had hopes that they could make it, but it isn't the end of the world.

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We already knew this when Capp said that the platforms UE4 will run on haven't even been announced yet.

GDC was in March, since then developers have received the final "Mass production" dev kits which is the final specs of the system. News from developers since then have all pointed to a spec increase since March. Geoff's tweet is not based on the latest dev kits but on the kits the developer commented on in March. I'm not saying it will run ue4, but things definitely have changed with the specs since march. In 6 days hopefully we'll have an answer at e3. Either way, the system will have excellent graphics and I don't believe the graphical leap will be as different from the wii/ps3/360 gen.

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While not a huge suprise if it doesn't run UE4, it will still get great games running on UE3, CE3, FB2 etc.

Bladeforce said:
I dont care about how pretty a game looks or if it runs on certain hardware!! ALL I CARE ABOUT IS GREAT GAMEPLAY! Look crysis 1 & 2 looked pretty but in the end are forgotten easily

yeah they were so easily forgotten which is why it is getting another game in the series?? Which is why Crysis 1 is still talked about and just got ported over to PS360. Please.

Im not saying they were great games, didnt care for the 2nd myself, but no one forgot them BECAUSE of how they looked


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given the evidence already provided i was pretty sure this was true ... not that this is 100% even now 'cause if the original statement was GDC things could have changed.

point is, where is superchunk?


Epic Games comments on Wii U speculation, revealing it has yet to confirm platforms for UE4, other than PC.


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